Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Trump Surge

Political neophyte, and perpetual self-promoter Donald Trump has announced that he is running for President. And despite having never served in elective office, and as such has no public policy record to run on, is claiming that he is a conservative and that he can win. Both of these claims are highly dubious.

I must say I am surprised he is doing so well in the polls. I guess rank and file Republicans have been so disappointed by conventional politicians that they are inspired by Trump’s brash and politically incorrect style. Trump is a larger than life figure who is prone to blunt talk. In short he seems like a fighter which Republicans have not seen in years. He is the un Boehner.

But the main question, could he win the general election if nominated? In my opinion, I would say in a phrase, no way Jose.

Trump has never won an election for any office. So as a candidate he has never been tested. We have no idea if he is a conservative since he has no voting record. And he has lots of baggage, which he will have to overcome.

The mainstream media (which is 99 percent liberal) will tear him up. No doubt they will bring up the divorces (two of them!), the alleged bankruptcy, other business deals, which may be fine, but could be twisted to look bad. Remember, Mitt Romney had partial ownership in a company where a woman died, and with that tenuous connection the media implied Romney was responsible for her death. So you can only imagine what they’d do with Trump’s business record.

The media will no doubt bring up the fact that he gave money to Democrats, gave money to the Clinton Foundation. He never served in elective office, has no public policy experience and so forth.

After the mainstream media is done with him he will be toxic. If he were our nominee not only would he lose the general election he’d also be a drag on our congressional candidates.

I am somewhat baffled why Trump is getting so much support from Republicans especially when there are so many good candidates. I have endorsed former Governor Jim Gilmore, but there are others to consider.

We have Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Scott Walker, Governor John Kasich, and others. Many of them have been elected in swing states and even purple states. They have records with lots of accomplishments.

So much is at stake in next year’s election. We need a proven conservative and an experienced campaigner.

Safe to say we have a number of good candidates for President and Donald Trump is not one of them.

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