Monday, August 10, 2015

Trump and Limbaugh

Several weeks ago I heard Rush Limbaugh assert, “Trump loves this country and is concerned about its direction.” He repeats this quite often, and this praise is probably as close to an endorsement as Limbaugh will come.

Now this begs the question if Trump loves the country and is worried about its direction why did he give Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid campaign money? A good question but one Rush Limbaugh won’t be asking. You see for whatever reason he is building up Trump as much as he can. For Limbaugh, and Hannity and Levin for that matter, Trump was born just 6 months ago. Everything prior to that didn’t happen. Today Trump wants to build a wall at the border, but once not long ago, he was for amnesty, but Limbaugh dutifully ignores that.

Donald Trump is hardly the type of candidate, or human being for that matter, a conservative would like. The thrice-married Trump is an owner of a beauty contest, a reality TV star; made money in casinos, well, before his went bust. He has given money to Clinton, Pelosi Reid. Once upon a time before he decided to run for President as a Republican, Trump described himself as strongly pro-choice, favored a single payer healthcare system, and said positive things about Obama’s stimulus package.

But Limbaugh ignores all of this. I remember all Limbaugh’s attacks on Mitt Romney for flip-flopping, but Romney was the governor of one of the most liberal states in the union, so he had constituent pressure to move left. In Trump’s case he had no such pressure, rather he felt he needed to take more conservative positions. Once he took those positions, which were purely for convenience, Limbaugh could then back him.

Today on his show a lady called and asked about the latest news on the Trump soap opera. That is the news of Trump’s chief campaign strategist Roger Stone quitting/getting fired. This is a sign that the Trump campaign is in trouble. Roger Stone was the “adult in the room” so to speak in the campaign. This is a sign of disarray, but Limbaugh downplayed it, saying well people come and go in any campaign.

Then a caller asked about the story that Bill Clinton called Trump to urge him to run. Can you imagine if any other candidate was encouraged to run by Bill Clinton? Limbaugh and the conservative media would throw a fit. But Limbaugh had an answer. He said Bill Clinton calls lots of people so it is no big deal.

The other thing Limbaugh did not mention is that Trump gave money to the Clinton Foundation. So Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have a relationship. Of course Limbaugh does not try to put two and two together.

Now the question, why is Limbaugh backing such a fraud? I am not sure. Is it for ratings? Perhaps. Are they friends and he feels a loyalty to Trump? Maybe. And Limbaugh strikes me as a crude guy like Trump so they may share the same sense of humor. No doubt Limbaugh appreciated Trump’s joke about Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle, which he defended on today’s show, but it is a mystery to me why any self-respecting conservative would like Trump.

I do think Limbaugh should disclose the nature of his relationship with Trump. With such cheer-leading of Trump I think the FEC should investigate whether Limbaugh’s show should be treated as a campaign contribution to Trump.


Nana said...

Limbaugh's program thrives on controversy, and the TrumpBump is no exception. For all of the aspersions cast at 'low information voters' it would appear that these people are squarely within that definition.

The Virginia Gentleman said...

Nana, I agree Limbaugh depends on low information voters for ratings.

Carl said...

It seems odd to me that that Limbaugh and company are blasting Meghan Kelly for her questions during the debate. Does the Trump machine seriously believe those comments would not have come up in the general election? If Trump were running as a Democrat, and not asked those types of questions, Limbaugh and company would have railed against the mainstream media for given him a past.

Greta said...

IMHO, anyone listening to "talk radio" -- Rush-radio among the many -- is not a "low information voter"! Talk Radio Listeners are interested in SOLUTIONS for this WRONG direction of our Republic, perpetrated by the Socialist in the WH.

Whatever the alleged Trump-Limbaugh alliance, Trump's "popularity" is a factor of high name ID, much from his years of "Apprentice-TV programs." His Politically Incorrect presence gives "voice" to the MILLIONS of silenced Americans, and his entertainment quotient is coaxing many Low Information Voters to tune in before November 2016. Trump's grandstanding does not translate into votes, but even his bloviating can give backbone to the legitimate candidates!