Friday, August 7, 2015

Trump's Rough Night

Excellent debate last night, and judging by the ratings it was a big success for Fox News and the GOP. I think all the candidates, with the exception of Donald Trump, proved worthy of being our nominee.

I went into the debate convinced that Trump is unprepared and indeed lacking the class to be President. After two hours my feelings about him were confirmed.

Trump’s lowlights from last night:

When asked if everyone on the stage would support the eventual nominee, all said yes, except Trump. He boldly stated he could only promise to support himself. Yes, that’s our Donald looking out for number 1. Country number 2.

When asked about the 4 times that Trump run companies went bankrupt in true clintonian style he claimed he didn’t go bankrupt, just the companies that he ran did. I bet the investors were relieved to hear that.

When asked about his statement that he was ‘very pro choice” on abortion, he said he 'evolved'. What happened, well if I understood his answer correctly, he knew a lady who was thinking of having an abortion, but she decided to give birth. Trump said the kid turned out to be a real winner, so Trump concluded abortion is bad. I wonder if the kid turned out to be a loser. Would Trump have remained “very pro choice?”

This is a telling answer. As a Pro-Lifer I believe that an unborn baby is a child of God and worthy of protection. In Trump's view the child's life is made valuable because one day he may turn into a 'winner'. What is Trump's definition of a winner? Well, probably the not the same as our definition.

On the question of giving money to Hillary Clinton, Trump was asked what he got in exchange. He said well by giving her money, I think nearly $100,000, she was then compelled to attend his 3rd wedding. I wonder what he got for giving money to Nancy Pelosi? Did she have to attend his second wedding?

Trump seemed to score the most applause when he described Washington as being run by stupid people. Well, many of the stupid people in Washington received money from him. Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, but he proudly proclaimed he bought them. So he gave them money and they did stupid things. Sounds like Trump made bad investments with his campaign dollars. I mean if he bought and paid for them couldn't he have forced them to do good, smart things?

When asked about his claim that the Mexican government is sending murderers and rapists to the United States, specifically what evidence he had for such a charge, Trump of course provided no such evidence.

Trump then described the Iranian negotiations as being a major boon for Iran. He said if "Iran was a stock you should buy it because it will quadruple over night." The banality of that statement is breathtaking.

In true Trump fashion he was full of bravado, but totally vapid. He said he’d be the “exact opposite of Obama”, “We’d win again", "I can negotiate big deals", one cliche after another. No substance just rhetoric. But that's Trump an empty, albeit expensive suit.

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