Monday, April 4, 2016

Rush Limbaugh's Sleight of Hand

Rush Limbaugh is not a modest man, so I am surprised that he does not take credit for the rise of the Trump candidacy. If it were not for Limbaugh’s endorsement Trump would not have become the odds on favorite to win the Republican nomination.

Now Limbaugh would say he didn’t endorse Trump, after all he never used the word endorse. But to any objective listener it was clear that he gave the green light for his low information audience, many of whom are conservative, to vote for Trump.

Limbaugh could never defend Trump as a conservative, since Trump had a long history of taking liberal positions and contributing to the likes of Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid etc...So Limbaugh defended Trump on the grounds that the reality TV star was patriotic, sincere and competent.

For most of the summer of 2015 Limbaugh would repeat the mantra, “The Trump loves this country.” And this gem, “He is concerned about the direction of this country,” Limbaugh didn’t say Jim Gilmore loves this country because he was not endorsing Gilmore, but he was endorsing Trump.

For Limbaugh to spend weeks claiming that one candidate loves this county is an endorsement.

Trump may not be a conservative Limbaugh would claim, but he is sincere and patriotic.

Thanks Rush, we are on the verge of nominating a Rockefeller Republican for President and sure loser in November. In no small part Limbaugh deserves credit for Trump’s political transformation from a liberal to a populist and we voters will have a choice, Hillary Clinton or one of her donors.

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