Monday, October 24, 2016

Senator Black: FBI Deputy Director Should Resign

The following is a release from State Senator Richard Black:

Hillary Clinton's defense against charges that she has lawlessly handled classified information in her emails, and by using her private email server, has been that the FBI performed a complete investigation and found no violation of law. This morning, thanks to investigative reporting by the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, we may understand why the FBI dropped the case. Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia, a Clinton confidant, directed almost $800,000 into the political coffers of the wife of this high-ranking FBI official overseeing the email investigation.

I call on FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who, it is reported, was responsible for “overseeing the Clinton email investigation,” to resign immediately based on disclosures from a front-page Wall Street Journal article today.

Last year, I ran for re-election to the Virginia State Senate against Jill McCabe. I was astonished at how much money she was able to raise --- $1.8 million. How convenient for your husband to be a high-ranking FBI official with lots of potential influence.
Andrew McCabe’s wife, Jill, received $467,500 of her campaign budget from Governor Terry McAuliffe's political action committee. And the Virginia Democratic Party, which is under his strong influence, gave another $207,788 to Jill McCabe's campaign.

Few people in the country are closer to Hillary than our illustrious Governor, who has served her interests for decades. He even served as Chair of Hillary’s 2008 national presidential campaign and was a potential VP running mate. When Hillary needs rescuing, Terry McAuliffe has always been there to do whatever needs to be done.

Meanwhile, the career of Jill McCabe's husband, Andrew McCabe, has taken off within the FBI. In July 2015, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, was promoted to third in command at the FBI. In January 2016, McCabe became second in command of the FBI under Director James B. Comey.

The last eight years of Democrat rule led to politicization and distrust of the nation's leading law enforcement agency --- the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

As an attorney, and a former JAG officer who has had responsibilities over the investigation and prosecution of crimes, I am at a loss to see how the FBI could possibly allow Andrew McCabe to oversee the investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s email server scandals. Mr. McCabe was clearly indebted to the Clinton Campaign because of the support given his wife.

McCabe should have immediately recused himself from the investigation. His failure to do so proves that he is unqualified to serve as Deputy Director of the FBI, or in any position of trust in the United States Government.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Nina Burleigh's Bad Propaganda

When I was a kid growing up in the 1980’s I would occasionally read the soviet propaganda paper Pravda. The English edition of course, I don’t read a word of Russian. I have always enjoyed reading propaganda and spotting the lies and deceit. It is like game, and I think I am quite good at it.

Well, the Soviet Union is dead, but fortunately I have a liberal friend that every couple weeks gives me a stack of liberal newspaper articles and magazines. The other day I got my latest stack and I glanced at a piece, I can’t call it an article, and while it was a commentary it expressed assertions as an article would. It took me about five seconds to realize that the story was garbage.

The author, Nina Burleigh, makes three charges, one, George W. Bush had a private email account, second, W lost millions of emails on purpose, and three Hillary’s email policies, or as the author claims "habits", were more prudential and transparent then Bush’s. All of these charges are false.

The piece was titled “George W. Bush’s “lost” 22 million emails.” posted on the Newsweek site on September 12th. I’d give you the link, but I hate going on the site. Whenever I do it slows down my computer.

From very title I could tell it was a bogus story. A tip for you in spotting propaganda. Whenever an author puts a word in a quote you know something is up, especially if it is in the title. Burleigh put the word “lost” in quotes because she knew it was not true, she may have assumed no one would read through her drivel. They would see the title and assume Bush lost or deleted emails like Hillary. But, if like me the reader soldiered on he would read in the 17th paragraph that there are no lost emails. They were archived, as they were supposed to be. You have to read 16 paragraphs before you find out that the title is misleading.

Burleigh does not claim George W. Bush emailed classified material. Burleigh does not claim Bush deleted emails. Hillary admitted to deleting 30,000 plus emails! Yet Burleigh thinks Hillary’s email habits were better than Bush’s.

Burleigh claims that “no evidence of a crime (committed by Hillary) has been found.” Actually FBI Director James Comey testified that Clinton both sent and received emails that were classified at the “Top Secret/Special Access Program level” and were classified at the time. That is a crime. If Burleigh or myself were to email classified materials on our personal email account we would be committing a crime under the espionage act. We would not be running for President we’d be trying to cop a plea to stay out of jail.

In her post Burleigh does not say that George W. Bush had a personal email account, but she implies he did. She never uses the words "personal email", but she accuses Bush of using a “private server”. What Burleigh describes is a campaign account which was set up by the Republican National committee for Bush's re-election.

The President is the titular head of the party and as such he has a political role. The RNC email accounts were created to facilitate the political role of the President. There is nothing illegal about that.

During the 2004 Presidential campaign I used to get mass emails from the RNC urging political action. The senders name was “George W. Bush.” Burleigh compares those mass campaign emails to Hillary’s emails as Secretary of State. This is absurd.

Burleigh quotes a liberal activist and no doubt Hillary voter, as saying “If you look at the Bush emails when he was a sitting(as opposed to standing) President 95% of his chief advisor’s emails were on private email system set up RNC. “ Well, I don’t understand the complaint. Conceivably all his advisors could have an email account on the RNC’s server if they use it to discuss politics.

Hillary was given an email by the state department, but she decided to use her husband’s server in the basement of their New York house. When the state department asked for the emails she said she had deleted them. When the justice department asked for the server she said she didn’t know where it was. They found it in a computer shop in New Jersey. The guy who set up the server took the 5th Amendment. And what did George W. Bush do that was worse? I read Nina’s post three times and I still don’t know what he did wrong.

Nina Burleigh is a propagandist. And not a very good one.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Shifty Tim Skips a Big Vote

The Senate voted today to override an Obama veto on a terrorism bill that would allow families of those killed in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks to sue Saudi Arabia for any role in the plot.

And guess what? Our Senator Tim Kaine was not there to vote. I read the New York Times column and it had no mention of how Kaine voted. I guess they did not want to embarrass him. After all he is a Democrat, and hence their candidate for Vice President.

According to the Washington Examiner he was 20 minutes away, but was still “unable” to make the vote.

Virginia was hit on 9/11. Wouldn’t Kaine, representing Virginia in the U.S. Senate, have an interest in this bill? I think it is clear that Kaine was playing politics. He and Hillary don’t want to upset Obama’s supporters. They are in a tight race; they need every Obama voter they can get. So the political choice was to just miss the vote.

Now the reason I have nicknamed him shifty Tim is that he shifts positions to conform to the needs and views of Hillary Clinton. On TPP, right to work, the Hyde amendment, Kaine will conform to what Hillary wants.

In this case it came down to a Bill that could affect Virginia victims of 9/11 and go against the wishes of a Democrat President. What did the Virginia Senator do? You guessed it he got out of town.

Years ago John F. Kennedy wrote, or at least took credit for, a book called Profiles in Courage, which profiled members of Congress that took tough and in many cases career ending votes. Safe to say if that book is ever updated Tim Kaine will not be included in the index.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Statement of Governor Bob McDonnell on the Dismissal of the Case

"Today is a great day in which my family and I rejoice. More than 3 1/2 years after learning of an investigation, the final day of vindication has arrived. I have deep gratitude to the justices of the United States Supreme Court for their unanimous June reversal of the convictions. Today, I express my appreciation to the US Department of Justice for applying the correct rule of law articulated by the Supreme Court, and asking for these cases to be dismissed. I thank them for doing justice for me, my family, my friends, my Commonwealth and its servants, and for all those involved in the democratic process.

Throughout this ordeal I have strongly proclaimed my innocence. I would never do, nor consider doing, anything that would violate the trust of the citizens of Virginia I served during 22 years in state elected office. These wrongful convictions were based on a false narrative and incorrect law.

Forty-three months ago I was a heartbroken man. I struggled to daily summon the strength to perform my cherished final months of duties as Governor, being accused by my country of committing crimes of which I knew I was innocent. I have learned to be patient, to trust and wait upon the Lord, and to live each day being content with His Daily Bread.

I have become grateful for this experience of suffering, having used it to examine deeply all aspects of my life, and my role in the circumstances that led to this painful time for my beloved family and Commonwealth. I am thankful to God for teaching me new lessons about His grace, mercy, and providence.

I have begun to consider how I might repurpose my life for further service to my fellow man outside of elected office. Polls and politics no longer seem that important. People and policies are.

We have the finest law enforcement officers and best justice system in the world in the United States of America. It usually gets it right in the end.

I cannot thank deeply enough those who steadfastly supported my family and me through this long walk through the dark valley. I was blessed with a faithful and competent legal team, who advocated my cause zealously at every step, committed to prevailing. I was astonished by the remarkable bipartisan amicus brief support we received from a broad cross section of American leaders who saw the injustice. Virginians and people across the country, both friends and strangers, showered me with expressions of love and encouragement. I have learned that the words “amazing grace” and “supernatural peace” are the essence of God’s unfailing love for his people.

I know not fully what the future holds as I enter the “fourth quarter” of life. I do know it will be a wonderful adventure, beginning with 4 blessed new grandchildren, a new small business, countless new friends, and multiple new ministry opportunities.

There will be a day and time to talk further about these matters, but today is one of thanksgiving."