Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Cynical Terry McAuliffe

Without public or legislative input Governor Terry McAuliffe announced Friday afternoon, after reporters left for the weekend, that he could through executive order grant two hundred thousand felons have all their rights restored including the right to vote. In the past ex cons could petition the state to have their rights restored including the right to vote on a case by case basis. And after an investigation the state would grant restoration.

Now McAuliffe has decreed that the ex con can have all their rights restored without having the inconvenience of having to apply. No background check or verification is required.

This is pure pandering. To appeal to the ex-con vote is a level of pandering that I never thought I would see in my lifetime. But as chief fundraiser for the Clintons in the 1990's McAuliffe came up with the idea of renting out the Lincoln bedroom to the highest donor so I guess pandering to ex cons is not a surprise.

Hillary will need every vote she can get, and with a looming criminal investigation ex cons may be sympathetic towards her candidacy.

McAuliffe knows there is nothing Republicans can do. Even if a court steps in it will be too late. By the time it works its way through the court the election will be over.

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Politically Incorrect Bill Clinton

Sorry Bill they don't love you anymore. Democrats used to tell me all the time how great the Clinton administration was, now however he is out of favor with the left, I never thought this would happen, but Bill Clinton has become politically incorrect.

Three reasons the left repudiates him today. First, he enacted welfare reform forcing people to work for their government check. For the socialist left limiting someone’s welfare benefits is cruel and harsh.

Second, Clinton put a 100,000 cops on the street through the crime bill. This was one of the most successful programs in the history of the Federal government. It did work! Crime fell dramatically, and Clinton has the right to claim it as a great legacy. However, the black lives matter crowd, which is increasingly influential in Democrat politics view this as an atrocity, which is more cops on the streets to harass young black men. So Democrats never mention it.

Clinton reduced the capital gains tax, which helped create jobs and boost the economy. But the occupy Wall Street crowd would say this simply benefited the rich so Democrats stay silent. He also worked with the Republican Congress to balance the budget. This does not impress the socialist left especially if it balances the budget on the “backs of the poor.” What does this mean you ask, well, will still don't have 80 percent marginal tax rates.

Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage act, which claimed that marriage was a union between one man and one woman, and needed defending. Fancy that!

Bill Clinton famously complained that when Republicans took over Congress in 1994 he had to govern as a moderate Republican. Maybe, but to today’s liberal that is no excuse.

Now Clinton’s unpopularity hurts Hillary with Democrats. Up to now Hillary has benefited politically from being married to him. For example if she divorced him when he was Attorney General of Arkansas in the 1970's we would never know the name Hillary Clinton. She'd be a nobody. Well, maybe not a nobody, just a crooked lawyer. No doubt his cheating on her with Monica Lewinsky earned Hillary a Senate seat in New York.

But now he is politically speaking a liability. But I have a soft spot in my heart for the guy.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

One Cheer for The Smoke Filled Room

I was watching Fox news the other day and Sean Hannity was demanding that the Republican Party “let the people decide.” that is prohibit a so-called brokered convention to take place over a strict voter count.

As of today it seems that Trump may have more delegates heading into the convention, but not a majority as convention rules require. If so delegates may nominate someone else. For Hannity this is a bridge too far. It would be such a travesty of justice that it could lead to ‘riots.’ Yes, Hannity did say riots. Perhaps he envisions another Ferguson like riot if Trump is denied the GOP nomination.

Now I must say whenever Hannity advocates something I instinctively consider the opposite course of action. I acquired this habit after his advice that we invade Iraq and install a democracy. The neo-conservative Hannity is now demanding democracy at home as well; I give him credit for being consistent.

But there is a long history of brokered conventions in both parties. Actually, there is a history of party leaders making choices without any regard to rank and file party regulars. My understanding is that Dwight Eisenhower did not have the delegates to get the nomination, but the party bosses pushed him trough. One of our greatest Presidents Calvin Coolidge was also hand picked by party leaders.

The purpose of a political party is to get candidates elected. If primaries can produce a good nominee fine, if a so-called smoke filled room can do the job fine.

The 2016 primary system, well, let me say it didn’t work out so well. Perhaps I am wrong, but we started with 17 decent qualified candidates and two of the weakest have emerged. One of the candidates, Donald Trump, is not even a Republican.

Now I like Ted Cruz, and I will vote for him if he is our nominee. Cruz is a strong Constitutional conservative. But, he is a weak candidate; he is a one term Senator with a weak resume, and 38 percent of Florida voters believe he is the zodiac killer. He will have trouble winning in November.

If the Republican Party had decided last year to do away with primaries and decided to create a blue ribbon commission to pick a nominee they could have. Hannity, Limbaugh and Levin would have complained, but so what. They always come home and support whomever the Republicans nominate in the fall.

Just to stir the pot, imagine if you will the committee being filled with all of the bogeymen of the conservative talk show establishment. Say five in total to break a tie, John McCain. Kevin McCarthy, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitt Romney. They would review candidates, with one stipulation; the nominee cannot be one of them. They would make the announcement in Cleveland in July. My guess is that they would have come up with a better, more conservative, more elect able and qualified nominee than the Democrat Trump or Cruz. Alas that didn’t happen.

Democracy sounds great in theory, but historically it has not always worked out so well.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Rush Limbaugh's Sleight of Hand

Rush Limbaugh is not a modest man, so I am surprised that he does not take credit for the rise of the Trump candidacy. If it were not for Limbaugh’s endorsement Trump would not have become the odds on favorite to win the Republican nomination.

Now Limbaugh would say he didn’t endorse Trump, after all he never used the word endorse. But to any objective listener it was clear that he gave the green light for his low information audience, many of whom are conservative, to vote for Trump.

Limbaugh could never defend Trump as a conservative, since Trump had a long history of taking liberal positions and contributing to the likes of Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid etc...So Limbaugh defended Trump on the grounds that the reality TV star was patriotic, sincere and competent.

For most of the summer of 2015 Limbaugh would repeat the mantra, “The Trump loves this country.” And this gem, “He is concerned about the direction of this country,” Limbaugh didn’t say Jim Gilmore loves this country because he was not endorsing Gilmore, but he was endorsing Trump.

For Limbaugh to spend weeks claiming that one candidate loves this county is an endorsement.

Trump may not be a conservative Limbaugh would claim, but he is sincere and patriotic.

Thanks Rush, we are on the verge of nominating a Rockefeller Republican for President and sure loser in November. In no small part Limbaugh deserves credit for Trump’s political transformation from a liberal to a populist and we voters will have a choice, Hillary Clinton or one of her donors.