Saturday, June 6, 2020

Reverend Robert Wright Lee's 15 minutes Of Fame

Andy Warhol once remarked that everyone has 15 minutes of fame. Well, certainly we shouldn't begrudge anyone the spotlight for a mere 15 minutes. Well, enter a political activist with a famous last name. He is a liberal Episcopalian minister and Black Lives Matter advocate, Reverend Robert Wright Lee, IV.

Lee has obviously discovered that with the cynical use of his last name he might be able to increase his 15 minutes. And maybe advance his utility as an activist.

Lee has been one of the leaders of the movement to remove the Lee statue in Richmond. Yes, he says he loves his ancestor, but justice must be done. No doubt his last name has come in handy, it can be used to enhance credibility.

On Thursday Governor Ralph Northam described Lee as the General's "great grandson" as he made his announcement of his order to remove the Lee statue. Rev. Lee quietly stood next to the Governor (Known as coonman in college).

The message was clear. A Lee descendent' is ok with removal of an historic Virginia landmark, so you should be to. How reassuring!

One possible snag. The honorable Reverend Robert Wright Lee, IV is not a descendent of Robert E. Lee.

He was described by Richmond news channel 6 as a great-great-great-great nephew. He may be related to a sibling of Lee's. Put it this way, nothing General Lee did in his time on earth made it possible for this guy to be born. He doesn't come from Lee's off spring.

Elizabeth Warren may be genetically closer to a full blooded Cherokee Indian than Reverend Lee is to General Lee.

While he is a member of the Lee family, to describe him as a 'Lee descendent' is misleading. None of the people he descends from is Robert E. Lee.

In checking his website I discovered Lee is an author. He has written a book on combating racism and dealing with his white liberal guilt. On his website A blurb about the book offers this statement:

A descendent of Confederate General Robert E. Lee chronicles his story of growing up with the South’s most honored name, and the moments that forced him to confront the privilege, racism, and subversion of human dignity that came with it.

Clearly, he is using the family name to promote his own political views. I read this article, "Lee descendent gives his blessing to remove symbol of white supremacy and racism."

Reverend Lee was given the name Robert, no doubt in honor of General Lee.

He gives his "blessing"? First, Why should Reverend Lee carry any weight on the subject? He speaks for no one but himself. He was blessed with a great last name and it is disgraceful to use it to advance a personal cause. It reminds me of the time Ron Reagan, Jr. (he is not really a Jr.) was given a show on MSNBC.

He had no talent, but he had a useful last name for MSNBC. I think Reagan's show last little more than 15 minutes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Never Trumper Asserts "Trump is Willing to Sacrifice Lives to Try And Save the Economy and His Chances For Re-Election"

The latest talking point from the left is that President Trump is willing to "sacrifice" Americans lives to protect his re-election chances. The left's theory is that he has to reopen the country to prevent the economy from another depression, and hence any hope of being re elected.

So, like a virus, this nutty theory is running around, and like the sun rising in the east CNN's token Republican Matt Lewis advances it. In his column on the "Daily Beast", Lewis pushing this exact theory. It is amazing how the left daily sticks to the same page.

In the first sentence of "The Party of Life Embraces Trump's Death Cult", Lewis, who voted for pro-choice Joe Biden, asserts,
"Donald Trump is willing to sacrifice lives to try and save the economy and his chances for re-election."

The unsubstantiated charge says more about Lewis and the left. That even while millions of their fellow Americans are thrown out of work, they grow more concerned about losing an election and raise paranoid theories that Trump might benefit politically from the national emergency.

The gist of the story, Lewis sums it up:

"Unfortunately, we have skipped over that nuanced discussion and gone straight to Republicans rationalizing the idea that we can just wipe out a million or so people to fix the economy."

He claims that by reopening the economy, Trump will sacrifice "millions of lives." This is stupid for a number of reasons. First, once the economy is reopened, which the President is flexible on regarding the timing, no one has to leave the confines of their isolation. If someone feels vulnerable or sick they should stay home.

Social distancing and hand washing (and hand wringing) can continue.

Secondly, most people won't acquire the virus, after they go back to work. And the vast majority of people that do will live. Some even feeling nothing more than a minor, short flu.

The disease is serious, but it will diminish soon. It is rare in many parts of the country, and for millions of Americans if faced with a choice between a bad flu and a great depression would choose the flu. Trump represents those people. Hardworking, tough determined people.

Look at our history. When did a bad flu stop us? The settlement in Jamestown was wracked with disease; malaria, survey, dysentery, yellow fever... And the amazing thing, and as a Virginian I take great pride in the fact, people kept coming.

Lewis even implies that Trump likes the daily media coverage, which a national emergency brings, Lewis writes of Trump:
"This is a man who responded to a pandemic by thinking, “How can I be on TV more?” It’s truly depraved."

I suspect that this is a statement by someone, suffering, not from the Chinese flu, but from an equally vile, and unwanted condition - Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Lincoln's Advice to Trump

Hillary Clinton once claimed that while she was living in the White House occasionally she would talk to Eleanor Roosevelt. Well, not talked to, rather communed with Eleanor, who like Hillary was a first lady who thought she had a mandate to make policy. And like Hillary she had a philandering husband, who would indulge her passion for policy making, while he passionately pursued another woman, Lucy Mercer.

Well, if former occupants of the white House can give advice from the afterlife, what would one of President Trump's Republican predecessors say to him? What advice would he receive in this national emergency?

So I wonder what advice would the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln give to Trump? Lincoln and Trump have many similarities. Both tall with funny hair. Both hated by the elites, both faced national emergencies, both having to battle a deep state. Both received less that 50 percent of the popular vote. Both denounced as illegitimate.

In fact Lincoln was far more hated than Trump. Once elected several southern states went so far as to leave the union claiming "He is not my President!"

Lincoln had to be smuggled into Washington for fear of his life. And when Lincoln arrived he was told by an aid that most people in Washington (swamp dwellers) wanted to tar and feather him, and run him out of town. Lincoln humorously responded, "well if it weren't for the honor I'd much rather walk."

In my readings I found this bit of advice from Lincoln. I think this would be perfect, almost as if Lincoln envision a Trump presidency:
"If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very best I know how - the very best I can; and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what's said against me won't amount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong, ten angels swearing I was right would make no difference."

Lincoln is right. In the end the fake media won't matter. History will never remember Chuck Todd or Jake Tapper. They are nobodies and they always will be.

If Trump get us through this pandemic, with limited loss of life and an economy that can bounce back, he will, like Lincoln, be thought of as great.

If he gets us through, Trump, like Lincoln will forever belong to the ages.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Trump Hasn't Changed the Republican Party. But He Has Changed the Democrat Party.

The fake Republicans, those that are allowed to appear on CNN, like to claim that President Trump has changed the Republican party beyond all recognition. They claim that they really are conservative, they just can't support President Trump.

No, most of the never Trumpers are liberal Republicans. The kind who believe that if Trump would just stop tweeting, and appoint Merrick Garland to the supreme court, the country would be more harmonious. The media would then like us. We wouldn't be deplorable.

Now over time (decades) parties can change. The Republican party came out of the Whig Party. At one point the Republican party was the party of the tariff and the eastern establishment. The Democrat party was formed by supporters of Andrew Jackson, who were convinced that a national bank would ruin the country.

In the second decade of the 21st century we can say that President Trump is committed to the Republican party's orthodoxy of tax cuts, deregulation, strong national defense, commitment to law and order, and the appointment of conservative Judges. Neither, of his SCOTUS picks appear to be Souter or O'Conner like. Both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, excellent picks, seem more in the mold of Scalia and Thomas.

On trade Trump has been a free trader, but has pushed back on what he perceives as unfair trade practices. Reagan did the same thing.

The Republican party of 2019 would be easily recognizable to Ronald Reagan. The gipper would back Trump, despite what Ron Jr. and Patti Davis say.

While Trump has not changed the Republican party he has changed the Democrat party. See, Trump Derangement Syndrome has driven the Democrats to the far left. They have followed the advice of Queens New York Democrat George Costanza. They will do the opposite of everything that reeks of Trump.

Trump is for capitalism, so they will be for socialism. Trump is for stopping illegal immigration, so the Democrats will be for open borders. Trump is pro Israel, so Democrats will stand up for Hamas. Trump concludes that anthropogenic global warming is a very weak theory not backed by science. Democrats will double down on it. The electoral college seems to favor Trump, so Democrats will seek to abolish it.

Even Al Gore, who lost the election in 2000, said he still favored the electoral college, right after he conceded. My Democrats have switch sides.

This leftward drift would not have happen, at least so rapidly, had it not been for Donald Trump. He is in their heads.