Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Soros Sets His Sights on The Thomas Jefferson Institute

Franklin Roosevelt once said, "I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.” His point was that he was so effective that he had developed some potent enemies, enemies that an ineffective President would not have developed.

The Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy is the premier conservative think tank in Virginia. A few years ago when the left tried to expand the welfare program Medicaid to 140 percent of the poverty rate, the Jefferson institute almost single handily put a stop to it. And there are lots of other examples though the years of the effectiveness of the Jefferson Institute. Their reports and studies are read by policy makers all across Virginia.

Now the left's great dream was and still is to expand Medicaid in every state. Expanding welfare is the ultimate way to grow government, redistribute wealth, and raise taxes on future generations. In Virginia nearly 20 percent of the budget is already dedicated to Medicaid. And that is without expansion under the ACA. If Virginia expanded Medicaid like George Soros and the left wanted we would be looking at Maryland style taxes in several years.

I am speculating here but I think Soros took note of the Jefferson Institute during that campaign and has not forgotten. If Soros has an enemies list no doubt the Jefferson Institute made the list.

There is evidence that through his "Center for Media and Democracy", a funny name in an Orwellian sort of way, Soros is sending people into Jefferson Institute events to record speakers remarks, in search of a gaffe, or comment which can be twisted and taken out of context to smear the Institute.

The Jefferson Institute is fighting to keep Virginia a low tax, business friendly state. George Soros and his gang want to remake our state in the image of Maryland. A high tax big government state. A state where you are charged for bags at the grocery store, and can be pulled over for the crime of not wearing a seat belt. A state that taxes rainy days. And perhaps one day a tax on sunny days.

If we use the Franklin Roosevelt standard of judging groups by their enemies than the Jefferson Institute is doing a great job.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pat Mullins RIP

I woke up this morning to some sad news. Former VA GOP Chairman Pat Mullins passed away in an accident last night. I did not personally know Pat very well, but as a Republican in Fairfax county I knew Pat well. I went to school with his son Steve, and through the George Mason College Republicans I met Pat. He was very involved in our club and from time to time he would come by some of our meetings, give us advice and offer some words of encouragement. He was a frequent guest at our Wednesday night meetings.

In the early 1990's, I am not sure of the year, Pat ran for Fairfax County GOP chairman. It was one of the first campaigns I ever got involved in. I remember that Pat's campaign colors were burgundy and gold, reflecting his devotion to the Washington Redskins. Pat won that election and built a campaign organization in the county that was never sharper or stronger. It is fair to say that Pat rebuilt the GOP in Fairfax county. Shortly after he was elected county chairman Republicans re-took the Board of Supervisors. That's right we once had a majority on the Fairfax county board!

In those days our county committee meetings were held in the cafeteria at Falls Church High School. The cafeteria was always packed, in large part due to Pat's recruitment efforts. And in a such large, raucous crowd it is natural for people to start talking amongst themselves as the meeting was in progress. If you were ever on the committee you will always remember Pat's response to the talkers. In his southwestern Virginia accent Pat would raise his voice and say, "If you want to tawk go outsiide." Everybody got the message.

Leadership is not something that can be taught or acquired. A person either has leadership aptitude or not. Pat was a natural born leader. Volunteers and supporters felt a connection with him. They knew he was honest, straightforward, diligent, fair, and a true conservative.

Pat also served as state party chairman where he re built the state party and returned Virginia to the status of a Republican state. I think it is safe to say that Pat was the greatest state party chairman since Dick Obenshain.

Pat will be missed.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I Miss the Old Liberals

Call me a sentimental old fool but I miss the days when liberals were liberal. When I was a kid growing up in the 1980's the liberals believed in freedom of speech. They really did. In the 1980’s artist Robert Mapplethorpe dipped a crucifix in a vat of urine, snapped a picture, and called it art. And he convinced the Federal government to pay for it, an accomplishment that must have pleased the ghost of P.T.Barnum.

The liberals rushed to his defense claiming that all speech, and of course art is speech, is valuable, absolute, and beyond criticism. Indeed just denouncing Mapplethorpe, or turning your back when he was giving a commencement address, was considered by liberals to be intolerant and rude. Ok, I'm being a little bit facetious, I doubt Robert Mapplethorpe was ever asked to give a commencement address, but the point is that the liberal back then would have argued that if someone is speaking tolerance requires you to sit and listen. Especially if what he says is controversial.

The liberals back then believed in Voltaire's maxim “I may violently disagree with everything you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Liberals didn't just defend Mapplethorpe's right to display it, they advocated that taxpayers pay him for the work and pay to put it on display. This is where I parted company. I supported Mapplethorpe's artistic freedom, but I did not believe taxpayers, through the National Endowment for the Arts, should pay for it.

Things changed however in the 1990's and 2000's as Liberals decided to become “progressives.” In their search for "progress" they decided to abandon the tolerance that liberalism requires and adopted the Leninist concept of “hate speech.” A term that liberals Orwell and Voltaire would never have used, indeed they would have been offended by such a term. The term is a cudgel to be used against anyone advocating anything counter to what the progressives believe.

So a few years ago, when Pam Geller decided, perhaps in the sacrilegious spirit of Mapplethorpe, to host a Mohamad cartoon contest, that is where people get together and draw what they think the prophet Mohamad looked like, she was denounced by the left. Muslims were perhaps rightly offended so the left declared Geller's speech hateful. Needless to say no taxpayer funds were made available for her art generating contest. But to the left free speech is no longer absolute. There is only politically correct speech and there is hate speech.

We see on campuses across America conservatives being driven into silence. Accused of racisms, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia..etc. At commencement speeches across the country conservatives are either disinvited or protested. The left also silences debate by using terms like "settled science". A common example of that - the left can't prove the theory of anthropogenic global warming so they unilaterally declare it "settled". Speakers who challenge the theory are compared to the people who denied the holocaust.

In response to the Pence Notre Dame speech commencement boycott a leftist I know, claimed that the students were justified to walk out on Pence because they knew he would say "disgusting" things. A true liberal would never claim ideas are "disgusting." They would never say that it is ok to turn your back on different ideas, or close your ears or walk out. Liberals believed all ideas are welcome. A walkout is offensive.

Today's left is not populated by the heirs of Orwell and Voltaire, rather they are the disciples of Robespierre and Lenin. Today's left is anti-intellectual and intolerant.

When Mike Pence started to speak the snowflakes at Notre Dame turned their backs and walked out of the arena the great liberals Orwell and Voltaire rolled over in the graves.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Scandal to Nowhere

In public relations you learn to judge a crisis or scandal by whether it has "legs" or not. Meaning will the drip by drip facts lead to a major scandal. Now we live in an era of fake news and fake scandals. The latest fake scandal that CNN and the other media outlets are pushing is this notion that there was "collaboration" or "collusion" between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

Does the scandal have legs? No, in fact there is not a shred of evidence of any collaboration. I can't understand why a candidate for President of the Untied States would think a leader of a foreign county could help his campaign. It doesn't make any sense.

But for 10 months CNN has found a way to speculate. And Democrats want an independent prosecutor to look into the matter. Perhaps an investigation can yield some evidence. Now normally you acquire evidence first and then open the investigation, but the hope of the left is based on the belief that an investigation might find some evidence.

The charge centers on the claim that Putin ordered the hacking of Hillary's email and released its contents to hurt her campaign and bolster the Trump campaign. But it is clear that the hacking occurred before Donald Trump was the GOP's nominee. Putin hacked Hillary's email without Trump's knowledge or request.

Democrats have made it clear that they hope this fake scandal will lead to the impeachment of President Trump. But the Constitution requires that a President can only be impeached if he commits high crimes and misdemeanors while in office.

On the campaign trail Trump did suggest that Putin should release all the Hillary emails he had, but that is hardly a high crime or misdemeanor. For most Americans such a release would be closer to transparency than a crime. Remember Hillary deleted some 30.000 emails which she didn't want the American people to see. Putin seemed to think the American people should have the chance to read all her emails.

Now since we have no evidence of "collaboration" I thought I would make up three examples and discuss whether any would equate to High Crimes and Misdemeanor's and lead to the goal of impeachment.

Now in any campaign there are phone banking events. That is where a group of volunteers get together and call voters and encourage them to vote for their candidate. And after the phone calls the campaign usually will provide pizza and coke for the volunteers. Now imagine if investigators found that on one such occasion Vladimir Putin paid for the Pizzas. Lets say in Scranton Pennsylvania investigators discover that the Dominoes pizza bill was paid for with Putin's credit card.

This would be evidence of collaboration, but could Trump be impeached for it? Would it rise to the level of a high crime and Misdemeanor? I doubt it. Putin and the Trump campaign may have violated FEC regulations, but it would not be enough to overturn an election.

Second scenario. Let's say Putin called Trump and suggested that Trump spend the last 3 days of the campaign in Ohio. And records showed that Trump did. Investigators find the Super 8 hotel bill for the days in question. Perhaps that would in imply collaboration between the two. Would it rise to the level of a high crime and Misdemeanor? No, if he wanted to take campaign advice from anyone including Putin he could.

Third scenario. Trump suggests publicly that there are a lot of Russian Americans in the panhandle of Florida. Hearing that Putin decides to help. Investigators discover that in the final 3 weeks of the campaign Putin spent a total of twenty hours making calls into Florida encouraging voters to pull the lever for Trump.

Would it rise to the level of a high crime and Misdemeanor on Trump's part. Probably not. If on his own volition Putin decided to make campaign calls to Florida he could. The discovery of such calls could be a political issue for Trump but not a criminal matter.

The left may think they have something. They really have nothing.