Thursday, June 25, 2009

Part time Governor Tim Kaine Racks up Major Frequent Flyer Miles

When he agreed to become Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, Governor Tim Kaine promised that he would do the DNC job on personal time, evenings and weekends. And he added, “‘I think it will be an electronic gig anyway, using e-mail and phone,” Instead Kaine has abandoned the Governors office, and the people of Virginia, and is spending most of his time working for national Democrats.

The Washington Post has uncovered previously undisclosed accounts of Governor Tim Kaine’s travel as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, clearly outlining an itinerary that appears to contain political trips occurring almost exclusively during the normal work week. Seven of the nine excursions revealed by the Post took place on weekdays, amounting to nearly 78-percent of his travel.

May 2 – Durham , NC – Saturday
May 8 – Ft. Lauderdale , FL – Friday
May 20 – Dallas , TX – Wednesday
May 30 – Miami , FL – Saturday
June 11 – Chicago , IL – Thursday
June 18 – Cincinnati , OH -- Thursday
June 19 – Kansas City , MO – Friday
June 24 – Philadelphia , PA – Wednesday
June 29 – New York , NY – Monday

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