Sunday, August 8, 2010

Webb and Warner Vote to Confirm Kagan

Both of Virginia's Senators voted Friday to confirm Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. Kagan has a long record as a liberal activist, no record as a judge, but as an activist she has demonstrated an utter disrespect for the Constitution, federal law, and facts, which to a liberal makes her the ideal Supreme Court Justice. Her appointment makes it clear that President Obama wants a court which will advance a left wing political agenda.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Webb and Warner voted for her. They probably calculate that they need to placate their Democrat base, and most Virginia voters will forget about Elena Kagan come election time, and that may be a safe bet. I can't ever remember a case where a senator lost his seat over a Supreme Court nomination vote. However, isn't it risky for two senators, who claim to be moderates, and represent a conservative state, to vote for such an unqualified lefty? What happens when she starts casting votes on the court, and it becomes clear that she is a radical? What happens when the Arizona immigration law goes to the Supreme Court, as most suspect it will, and Kagan votes with the liberals to strike it down. Or the unconstitutional health care law which mandates that everyone buy a product, health insurance.
I guess Webb and Warner are banking on the idea that most Virginians won't notice or care.

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