Monday, September 20, 2010

Big Labor to Aid Connolly

The Politico reported that the AFL-CIO is about to spend millions on mailers and phone calls attacking Keith Fimian and other pro-small business candidates in an effort distract from the failed economic policies of Congressman Gerry Connolly and this Congress.
Tim Edson, Campaign Manager for Keith Fimian released this statement:
“It is no surprise the AFL-CIO has chosen to attack Keith Fimian. Keith is a successful small businessman andentrepreneur running in a right-to-work state against an anti-small business, career politician in Gerry Connolly who has consistently carried the water for union bosses in exchange for campaign contributions.

Congressman Connolly’s support for card check legislation and the $250,000 he has taken from unions should be a grave concern to all small business owners in Northern Virginia. If his economic policies of higher taxes, energy taxes, more spending and more regulations doesn’t already prove how out-of-touch Connolly is with the plight of small businesses, his vocal support for forced unionization does. Congressman Connolly’s support for card check is not only bad for our economy and it shows a fundamental lack of respect for our democratic process and Americans who fought for the right to vote. Americans should not be denied the secret ballot in deciding whether or not to form a union. If Congressman Connolly is willing to turn his back on the democratic process for campaign contributions, what else is he willing to do for campaign cash?”

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