Friday, October 8, 2010

Dave Albo Talks About ABC Privatization

Virginia Gentleman: What is your view of the Governor’s plan to privatize ABC stores?

Delegate Dave Albo
: "It's a great idea to get the government out of things the private sector can do, and we have tried to get government out of selling liquor. The problem is that the process is VERY complicated. You are trying to unravel 80 years of law. So far the numbers don't work. The current plan for privatization delivers a $500M one time hit (stretched over just 50 years that would be $10M / yr.) but loses $47M per year. Virginia can't afford to take a $37M hit in revenue per year. So we are back to the drawing board and still working...."

Virginia Gentleman: So you support the idea/concept of ABC privatization as long as the state doesn't lose money?

Delegate Dave Alb
o: Three criteria. Any plan needs to deliver money for roads and a lot of it, needs to not lose money, and all the concerned parties (retailers distillers and wholesalers) need to be on board

Virginia Gentleman: And are you hopeful that it can be accomplished?

Delegate Dave Albo
: "I hope it can be fixed, but right now it does not look hopeful. The numbers just aren't working."

Virginia Gentleman: Do you think there will be a special session?
Delegate Dave Albo: No

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