Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Ridiculous Rick Perry Exits Presidential Race

In all my years following politics I can honestly say I am hard pressed to think of a worse Presidential campaign.  The stumbling, mumbling Rick Perry today ended his campaign for President.  Here are some highlights of his campaign:

1) Called Conservatives who didn't support in state tuition for illegals "mean and heartless"
2) Failed to prepare for the debates, in fact he even forgot his own platform
3) Shrugged off as no big deal incidents of our soldiers urinating on dead enemy corpses.
4) In what sounded like it could have come from an occupy wall street press release Perry denounced 'Vulture' Capitalists
5) Decided to endorse the one Republican(Gingrich) who would probably lose to Obama, in order to hurt the one Republican(Romney) who would probably beat Obama.
6) Couldn't manage to get the needed 10,000 signatures to get on the Virginia primary ballot, so he decided to sue.

Good Riddance Rick!

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