Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Interview with Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

Ken Cuccinelli is the Attorney General of Virginia.  And something you will not find on his resume, he and I were classmates at Longfellow Intermediate school in McLean.

VG: On Monday of last week, the Virginia Senate voted 23-17 in favor of the proposed private property/eminent domain amendment, while the House of Delegates backed it by a vote of 80-18.  You are a strong proponent of the amendment.  Why is it necessary?

KC: It has been seven long years of effort, but with the passage of the property rights amendment, our citizens are one step closer to enshrining in the Constitution of Virginia the protections they deserve from overzealous governments and the developers who use them to take away Virginians' homes, farms, and small businesses. We have fought every year since the 2005 Kelo decision to strengthen property rights in the commonwealth through various bills and three attempts at a constitutional amendment. A property rights amendment to Virginia's constitution is the ultimate protection Virginians need, and voters will finally have a property rights amendment to vote on in the November ballot.

VG: The General Assembly just passed crossover, are there some key bills that you are watching?

KC: Obviously we're keeping an eye on the success of the property rights amendment. Additionally, I'd refer you to our legislative agenda.

VG: The Supreme Court has promised to take up Obama Care this year.  Any predictions on how they will rule?

KC: We can't speculate on how the Supreme Court will rule, but we expect a decision by this summer.

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