Thursday, August 23, 2012

College Republican National Committee to Make a big Push on Virginia Campuses

The following is a release from the College Republican Federation of Virginia:

"Norfolk, Virginia: The College Republican National Committee has elected to send four field representatives to Virginia to assist with the election. Field representatives will be sent to campuses across the state to energize the young conservative base.

The fact that Virginia has received more field reps than most other states goes to show just how important Virginia is in this upcoming election. CRFV Chair, Michael Cogar stated:

“I am excited to announce that the CRNC will make VA part of this historic field rep program. We will be getting more field reps to work with the CRFV to help recruitment, get out the vote, and work within communities to push out volunteers.

“Virginia is a ‘must-win” state and is a direct path to the presidency. We must remember that our conservative influence is the key to that. The direction of the youth is changing. This election is about jobs and getting the youth vote back to work. And that’s what Mitt Romney does for us. He’s going to get us out of our parents’ basements and back to work.

“I look forward to working with the CRNC field reps and turning Virginia red this November.”

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