Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lt. Governor Bolling Praises the Choice of Paul Ryan

The following is a release from the Lt.Governors office:
“Yesterday, Mitt Romney made a very exciting announcement in Norfolk while kicking off his “The Romney Plan For A Stronger Middle Class” bus tour. He announced that Congressman Paul Ryan will be his Vice President! I applaud Governor Romney’s choice. Congressman Ryan is a proven conservative leader who knows how to get things done in Washington. He will be instrumental in getting America's debt and deficit under control, and working with Congress to implement Mitt Romney's policies, which will jump start our economy so that more Virginians, and Americans, can find jobs and return to work. Yesterday was an important day and I was honored to have spent the day traveling the state with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. During stops in Norfolk, Ashland, and Manassas we saw thousands of folks fired up and determined to make sure we win in November! You can read more about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s visit to Virginia and yesterday’s exciting announcement here. There are only 86 days left until election day and I am confident that the Romney-Ryan ticket will win Virginia. Thanks you to everyone who came out to support these two great Republicans yesterday!”

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