Monday, July 29, 2013


The following is a release from the Cuccinelli for Governor Campaign

“Yesterday it was reported that Terry McAuliffe “flatly denied with an emphatic ‘no’ that GreenTech Automotive acted improperly regarding visa applications…”

There’s still a lot left to be learned about this matter, and the inspector general’s investigation into USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas’ alleged assist in obtaining a visa for a Chinese investor whose application had previously been denied could clear a lot of this up. But there are still other questions out there.

Why did Terry McAuliffe go over Director Mayorkas’ head to solicit help from DHS Secretary
Napolitano in expediting GreenTech visa applications?

Why did Gulf Coast, a full and exclusive partner of GreenTech, seek a visa for the vice president of a company identified as a threat to our national security?

Why is Director Mayorkas under investigation for allegedly securing an EB-5 visa for a GreenTech investor whose application had previously been denied?

Why were at least 21 pending GreenTech visas put on hold for “fraud/national security” reasons?

Why did Director Mayorkas refer the Gulf Coast matter to the Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate?

When is Terry McAuliffe going to come out of hiding and answer these questions?

These are serious questions and serious allegations that a “nope, not me” denial cannot possibly satisfy. Unless of course Terry McAuliffe believes there’s nothing wrong with putting profits ahead of our nation’s security.”

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