Thursday, August 1, 2013

Help Honor Delegate Lacey Putney's 52 years of Service

Delegate Lacey Putney is one of the legends of Virginia politics. He has served 52 years in the House of Delegates. I would argue Putney is one of the greatest arguments against term limits. Well, there is an event to honor him. My friend Mike Thompson with the Thomas Jefferson Institute sent me this:

“There is a very special event planned for the evening of August 20th and I hope you will consider joining us in Richmond.

On the evening of August 20th the Thomas Jefferson Institute will hold a "Tribute to Lacey Putney" to celebrate his 52 years as a State Delegate. Five current and former Governors will be joining us in person and the others have agreed to send video comments about serving with Lacey Putney.

You can find the information here on our website. You can register for this special event here or please call (804) 308-2583. In the first year of JFK's presidency, a young Lacey Putney ran and won his race for State Delegate. He has served our state with distinction and we want to honor him and his service. Imagine the changes he has witnessed!

Net funds raised from this event will go toward funding a "Lacey Putney Fellow" at the Thomas Jefferson Institute. Register for this really neat event here.

I hope you will consider joining us the evening of August 20th in Richmond. It will be a fun time for all as those Governors who will be joining us will share some of their experiences while serving with Delegate Putney. And of course, Lacey Putney will also reminisce about his years of service.

Thank you for considering this event. If you cannot join us, think about sending a contribution to show your support for this true "Virginia Gentleman.”

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