Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Scandals Behind Him? McDonnell's Approval Rating Up

I am moving, and right now I am still in the unpacking process. This morning I was chatting with a relative about the move and joked that I have to decide where to hang my autograph picture with Governor McDonnell. He said with the Governors recent troubles it might be best to keep the picture in the closet.

Well, perhaps McDonnell has put the mini scandals behind him. Yesterday, NBC News released a new Virginia poll showing Governor Bob McDonnell with a 55 percent approval rating! By comparison Barack Obama has a 48 percent approval rating in the commonwealth. And Virginians overwhelmingly believe the Commonwealth is on the right track, by a margin of nearly 2-1!

Hey, a 55 percent approval rating is not too shabby. In fact it is probably high enough to warrant the picture being hung in the living room.

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