Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Never Trumper Asserts "Trump is Willing to Sacrifice Lives to Try And Save the Economy and His Chances For Re-Election"

The latest talking point from the left is that President Trump is willing to "sacrifice" Americans lives to protect his re-election chances. The left's theory is that he has to reopen the country to prevent the economy from another depression, and hence any hope of being re elected.

So, like a virus, this nutty theory is running around, and like the sun rising in the east CNN's token Republican Matt Lewis advances it. In his column on the "Daily Beast", Lewis pushing this exact theory. It is amazing how the left daily sticks to the same page.

In the first sentence of "The Party of Life Embraces Trump's Death Cult", Lewis, who voted for pro-choice Joe Biden, asserts,
"Donald Trump is willing to sacrifice lives to try and save the economy and his chances for re-election."

The unsubstantiated charge says more about Lewis and the left. That even while millions of their fellow Americans are thrown out of work, they grow more concerned about losing an election and raise paranoid theories that Trump might benefit politically from the national emergency.

The gist of the story, Lewis sums it up:

"Unfortunately, we have skipped over that nuanced discussion and gone straight to Republicans rationalizing the idea that we can just wipe out a million or so people to fix the economy."

He claims that by reopening the economy, Trump will sacrifice "millions of lives." This is stupid for a number of reasons. First, once the economy is reopened, which the President is flexible on regarding the timing, no one has to leave the confines of their isolation. If someone feels vulnerable or sick they should stay home.

Social distancing and hand washing (and hand wringing) can continue.

Secondly, most people won't acquire the virus, after they go back to work. And the vast majority of people that do will live. Some even feeling nothing more than a minor, short flu.

The disease is serious, but it will diminish soon. It is rare in many parts of the country, and for millions of Americans if faced with a choice between a bad flu and a great depression would choose the flu. Trump represents those people. Hardworking, tough determined people.

Look at our history. When did a bad flu stop us? The settlement in Jamestown was wracked with disease; malaria, survey, dysentery, yellow fever... And the amazing thing, and as a Virginian I take great pride in the fact, people kept coming.

Lewis even implies that Trump likes the daily media coverage, which a national emergency brings, Lewis writes of Trump:
"This is a man who responded to a pandemic by thinking, “How can I be on TV more?” It’s truly depraved."

I suspect that this is a statement by someone, suffering, not from the Chinese flu, but from an equally vile, and unwanted condition - Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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