Monday, May 8, 2023

Lift Where You Stand: Government Should Serve US!

The Following Post is by David Sparkman of Frederick County: 

There are strategies to winning elections that politicians consistently use to derail your vote. Those watching the alternate media saw ballot counting shut down in Georgia, and then on security cameras, democrat election workers pulling out hidden ballots - when everyone else had gone home - and scanning thousands of ballots not brought in under proper chain of authority multiple times. Surprise, the Democrat won! We saw massive ballot-stuffing in the 2020 election, documented by the same methods used by police departments to solve crimes, but this crime was passed over in multiple states.

The Two Forces of Cheating and Discouragement

Makes you wonder: why bother voting? And that is the second technique politicians use – discouragement. Why vote, when the outcome is rigged? In the recent Arizona election, all equipment was properly working the night before election day. But then, something went wrong, and major problems occurred just when statistically most Republicans voted. Discouraged by the hours of waiting and long lines, many went home without voting. And magically, the Democrats won by a thin margin! Could that have been deliberate? Well, they were all accessible through an internet connection. There was no serious investigation by the person in charge of the election. She was the one who won the election. Just to be 'sure', the ballots were sent out to a private company to recount. Strangely, the number of ballots counted were significantly greater than the number of ballots sent! But not a problem, the winner of the election was also the one hired this company.

It is a Problem!

Democrats are equally smart as Republicans, but they believe in winning any way they can, and the prosecutors and courts are scared to death to do anything about it. In truth, you individually can’t do a thing to stop it.

A Story from Dieter Uchtdorf

So here is a story that might give you an idea. A Church was going to have a musical performance and needed to move a grand piano from the Chapel to the Cultural Hall. It was big. It was heavy. The men of the church tried their best to figure out where to put the strongest men and how to carefully move it. Nothing seemed to work, until the Minister solved the problem. "Brethren, everyone stand closely together around the piano, and lift where you stand." The piano almost magically rose in the air and almost floated to its new destination.

 If we would stand close together, united to reach a common objective and lift together, we can change our community for the better. We can discuss and decide on our course of action, and then acting together to make it happen.

The Opposition

The Democrats do this, united by generous donations by Billionaires buying political election and politicians. We hope to be able to do the same, but out of moral conviction. Yes, we will still need some funds for literature and signs, but with a local group lifting with their friends and neighbors in every part of the county, we can defend our community from those who would corrupt it to benefit themselves.

Neighborhood Groups

If you will join with your fellows and decide to help elect good people, it can happen. The democrats, as mentioned before, pay people to do contacting in your neighborhood. The liberal Teachers' Association tries to make sure that their kind of liberal gets elected to the school board. But like the parable of the true shepherd, we are not hirelings. We are believers in this Republic. And as Ben Franklin said, the Republic depends on informed voters. Those who believe the propaganda and lies spun to protect corruption and bad government have to be challenged. If we stand close and lift together, we can do it.

Neighborhood Groups

We are holding town halls in Redbud, Back Creek, and Opequon to start coming together. Gainesboro and Stonewall are in planning stages. This year will be practice. We have to finish cleaning up the School Board and filling it with people who actually represent our community. Next year, we have a chance to make a real difference. We need a better President and a better US Senator. Will you help us lift?

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