Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Virginia Crime Commission Makes Recommendations On Illegal Aliens

Does anyone want to do anything about Illegal immigration? Well according to a Washington Post poll most Virginians do:
"An overwhelming majority of Virginians want the state and local governments to
do more about illegal immigration. Eight in 10 state residents said they
support a measure requiring local police to check the immigration
status of
people they suspect of a crime and think may be undocumented."

Yet, despite the strong support for stopping illegal immigration, our federal and state governments do nothing. Now I do recognize that this is primarily a Federal responsibility, but there are things the state can do.
On Tuesday the Virginia Crime Commission made 17 recommendations on how to combat illegals breaking the law. These recommendations only apply to illegals accused of breaking the law; although one could argue that being here illegally is breaking the law!
The recommendations call on the state to require state troopers to help federal authorities detain and deport illegal immigrants. Another recommendation requires that everyone in jail must have their residency status checked and face the possibility of deportment if arrested for certain crimes. The commission also calls for denying bail to illegal’s facing charges.
These recommendations seem very reasonable to me, and I can only hope that Governor Kaine and the Democrat State Senate will look at this issue seriously. However, I worry that they will not. They may continue to say it is a federal responsibility, so we will do nothing. They may also attack the commission, and say they are just a bunch of Republicans – so who cares what they say.

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