Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Allen to forego Governors race

George Allen announced Tuesday that he would not be a candidate for governor in 2009. This announcement comes as somewhat of a surprise. Many Virginia political watchers had him running, and possibly the odds on favorite for the GOP nomination.

In my opinion George Allen, was one of Virginia’s best Governors in the last 50 years.

As Governor he implemented major reforms, from abolition of parole, to welfare reform, to high educational standards of accountability.
George Allen revolutionized Virginia's government. His bold and principled leadership and great enthusiasm for good government have left an indelible imprint on the Commonwealth.

Along with Ronald Reagan, Allen is one of my political heroes. As a college Student at GMU, Allen motivated me to get involved in Virginia Politics. For that I will always be an Allen fan.

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echoman29 said...

Hey Shep,

Is the picture with George Allen new or is it from the good old days when he was our governor/senator?

You have a really awesome Blog with really good articles.