Friday, August 1, 2008

Yes Virginia every cloud has a silver Lining.

All political pundits, bloggers and oddsmakers are talking and setting odds on who Obama and McCain will pick to be their running mates. The choice of a running mate can make all the difference in a close race. It is hard to deny that Johnson helped Kennedy in 1960, or that Gore provided a boost to Clinton in 92, by delivering Tennessee. Conversely it is hard to argue that Quayle didn't hurt Bush in 88 and 92. I am not sure if Agnew helped or hurt Nixon in 68, but certainly that was one of the oddest choices for a running mate.

Well, like everyone else I too have an opinion. Now in the interest of full disclosure I believe I must remind you that I am a Virginia Republican, and would love to get Tim Kaine out of Richmond. I am also aware that if an Obama Kaine ticket were to win Republican Lt. Governor Bill Bolling would be elevated to the Governorship. I guess it just proves every cloud has a silver lining.

My ulterior motives aside, I do objectively believe Kaine is Obama’s best choice. He is perceived to be a moderate, he is Catholic, and from a swing state. Traditionally the running mates main job is to deliver his home state, and this I believe Kaine can do. If Obama wins Virginia he is almost certain to win the election.

There is no real downside to picking Kaine. He is liberal enough to please the Democrat base and perceived to be moderate enough to help the ticket in swing states. Despite being a Governor, Kaine actually has more foreign policy experience than Obama. Kaine took a year off from law school to work as a Catholic missionary in Honduras. It was during this time that he learned to speak Spanish, which may help him on the campaign trail.

Despite my political differences with Kaine I do believe he is very good politician. I had the pleasure of meeting him several years ago and found him to be a very nice man. I believe he comes across as smart, and reasonable. He can be tough but never appears nasty. All the virtues of a good running mate.

Picking Kaine would be a smart move. We will see what Obama does.

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