Wednesday, April 1, 2009

McAuliffe Raises Money in San Francisco.

It seems Democrat candidate for Governor Terry McAuliffe has been spending a lot of time out of state raising money. According to the Washington Post:

"McAuliffe, who spent decades building a reputation as one of the world's most successful political fundraisers, has traveled to New York, Hollywood, San Francisco, Houston, Miami and Syracuse, N.Y., for events often organized by those who count Bill and Hillary Clinton as close friends."

On this blog last month I commented on a story about McAuliffe going to San Francisco for a fundraiser. I guess it makes sense for Terry McAuliffe to raise money in San Francisco, he is after all a 1960's counter culture liberal, and what better place to find like minded liberals then the city by the bay.

In explaining why he is raising money out of state McAuliffe told the post:
"The nice thing is people are helping me from all over," McAuliffe said. "I've had a lot of long relationships. These folks don't want anything from Virginia. They think I'd make a great governor."

I agree, I am sure the people of San Francisco think you would make a great Governor.

(Picture is of me taken on my summer trip to San Francisco.)

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