Sunday, May 31, 2009

Virginia Republicans Nominate a Strong Ticket

On Saturday over ten thousand Virginia Republicans gathered at the Richmond coliseum to nominate candidates for Virginia's three statewide offices; Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General.

To the lead ticket, Virginia Republicans nominated Bob McDonnell for Governor, and Bill Bolling was nominated for Lt. Governor, a position he currently holds.

In accepting the Republican Party nomination, Bob McDonnell pledged to run a positive, issue oriented campaign telling delegates:
"To every Virginian who needs a job, to every small-business owner trying to make payroll, to every retiree alarmed at losses in their retirement account, to every homeowner concerned about their home value, to every parent writing that next tuition check ... this campaign is for you,"

The only race which was truly contested was for Attorney General. However, requiring only one ballot Ken Cuccinelli defeated former GOPAC-Virginia Chairman David M. Foster and former U.S. Attorney John Brownlee.

In addition, Pat Mullins was elected State Party Chairman.

The convention was the largest in 15 years, and Republicans were upbeat as the left the Richmond Coliseum.

As usual state Democrat leaders labeled the GOP ticket as 'divisive and right wing', but the Republican ticket is very strong, and privately Democrats have to be worried about getting swept in November.

(Photo by the Washington Times)

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