Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fairfax County Considers Reinstating a Local Car Tax

Facing declining revenue, and an expensive county government, the Democrat controlled Board of Supervisors is said to be considering a plan to reinstate a local car tax. This would cost the average Fairfax County resident about 33 dollars.

The county estimates that revenue will decline by 7 percent next year,perhaps more, forcing the board to make a choice, cut spending or raise taxes? In the past when they got in a bind, they simply raised real estate taxes. However, with home prices declining the revenue brought in might not be sufficient to satisfy the county's desire for money.

County leaders have always lamented the fact that they depend so much on real estate taxes for their revenue. Liberal Democrat Supervisor Gerald Hyland complains that the county lacks "Revenue diversification," What is that you ask, well Hyland wants more ways to tax you! For him taxing your home is not enough.

Ideas being considered are reinstating the local car tax, or raising the meals tax.

I say cut spending, but my guess is the people running, or should I say ruining Fairfax county will opt to raise taxes. They always do.

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