Friday, July 17, 2009

McDonnell's War Chest Swells to Nearly 5 Million Dollars

The gubernatorial campaign of Bob McDonnell announced today that it has far more money in the bank, from far more donors, than its Democratic opponent. The McDonnell campaign has almost $5 million cash on hand as of the end of the last reporting period. This total is nearly double the amount reported by the Deeds campaign. Officially the McDonnell campaign brought in over $1.8 million this period from 3,452 donors. That is nearly 1,000 more donors than the Deeds campaign. The McDonnell campaign had 2,181 donors who gave donations of $100 or less. 75% of McDonnell’s donors are from Virginia.

Speaking about the fundraising numbers, McDonnell for Governor Campaign Manager Phil Cox remarked, “Our campaign enters the final four months of the race in a strong financial position to carry our positive message of new jobs and more opportunities to every region of the state. Despite the fact that we were on television for over half of the period, we maintain a nearly 2 to 1 cash on hand advantage over our opponent. Even more remarkable is the difference in where campaign donations are coming from. While a significant amount of our opponents’ money was drawn from the compulsory dues of union members nationwide and the Democratic Governors Association, we were receiving the voluntary support of over 2,100 individual donors who each gave $100 or less. That’s the sign of a campaign that is winning over voters. Today’s report is a further demonstration of the broad appeal, and growing momentum, of our campaign. Virginians are rallying around Bob McDonnell’s positive message.”

The McDonnell campaign did not receive any donations from the Republican National Committee or the Republican Governors Association during this most recent fundraising period. With officially $4.92 million cash on hand, the McDonnell campaign has more money in the bank than the 2005 Kilgore campaign had at this same time.

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