Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Virginia Gentleman Interviews Tim Nank

Tim Nank is the Republican nominee for the 43rd Legislative district.

VG: What made you decide to run for the House of Delegates?

TN:My family and I have lived here in Kingstowne for 8 years (the incumbent has been in office for 6 of those 8 years). We have some issues here. I have only seen things getting worse both in education, transportation and now more recently the economy. I would rather nip this in the bud now rather than let it get to a point where it will be much more difficult to correct later. I think I can bring real leadership to the House of Delegates and get things done right for our community and the Commonwealth as a whole. Also, it’s funny I have always been active in politics and campaigning. In fact, I also got my wife and daughter involved (she was a year old when she first started helping with the Bush Cheney 2000 campaign - or rather came with me decorated in stickers as I door knocked for the candidates) and they love it! It brings our family together. So, everywhere I went to work on campaigns as a volunteer -WA, NH, VA - they would always ask me, “Tim when are YOU going to run?” And my daughter, Paige would ask the same question. I always answered, “When I feel I can make a difference.” Life, especially here in Northern Virginia, is very busy. But life, when you are working on things you are passionate about, can also lead you into opportunity. Just like this past Spring when I was asked to run in the 43rd district. I talked about it with my wife, who didn’t even let me finish my question before she said – “You have to do this!” So, I think now, is the time to “make a difference.” So, I am very lucky. I have the support of my family, friends and the great network of Republicans in Fairfax County and my district.

VG: What are some your main concerns about the direction of state government?

TN:Our state government, and our federal government, has fallen into a pattern of extreme partisanship that precludes real debate and the passing of legislation that truly helps the people of the great commonwealth of Virginia. When I go door to door I hear the frustration of voters who don’t feel like they have a voice and are fed up with politics as usual. I think this is the perfect time to rally our base and talk to the many other thousands of voters who are tired of high taxes, government bailouts and getting only approximately a .20 cent on the dollar return for their hard earned tax dollars for education.

VG:Have you enjoyed your time on the campaign trail?

TN:There is nothing more motivating or inspiring than meeting voters, talking to them and listening to their concerns. Especially when they voice their support! And fundraising- asking people for money is hard – but when you get it, and receive money from people who believe in you and who have worked hard for this money – there is such a sense of gratitude and inspiration and responsibility that I feel. That feeling should be shared by, and acted on, by our elected officials when they are deciding how to spend our tax dollars and represent the will of the people. I have to mention that I ran into a voter most recently who has voted democratic all her life. She is fed up and liked what I had to say. Not only did she say she would vote for me but she made a donation to my campaign right there on the spot (and insisted I drinkthe bottled water she gave me in front of her before she gave me the donation - it was 90 degrees out).

VG:Will the Governors race affect your race?

TN:I think most certainly. But, I would first add that I think that what is going on in Washington is terribly upsetting to a lot of people here in Virginia. So, that might help us as well. This November will be the Governor’s, Lt. Governor’s, Attorney General’s and the Delegates’ races. When we are looking at who is going to actually turn out to vote it is mostly because of the top three offices in the state. However, I am not simply going to rely on riding the coattails of someone else’s ticket. I am out there door knocking every weekend, all day and most weeknights. In the end, it is my job to get out there, run a good campaign and turn out the votes to get myself elected.

VG: If someone wants to get involved in your campaign, how can they contact you?

TN:They can go to my web site http://www.facebook.com/l/;www.timnank.com. That is the best way to sign up for a variety of volunteer activities. They can also email me or call me and that contact information is there as well. And, of course I can’t let this go without suggesting that they donate to my campaign which they can do either on our web site or mail a check to Friends of Tim Nank, PO Box 150141, Alexandria, VA 22315.

VG: Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

TN: You are welcome.

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