Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deeds Waffles on the Public Option

As Congress and the President consider a government run health care system, many Virginians wonder how their candidates feel about the issue. McDonnell is opposed to the so called public option, which the Feds would run, and his Democrat opponent Creigh Deeds, well he is both for it, and against it.

"A public option isn't required in my view," Deeds said, according to the Roanoke Times. "I think we have to do two things with health care. We have to reduce costs, so more people can afford insurance. We have to increase coverage. I share those broad goals. I don't think the public option is necessary in any plan and I would certainly consider opting out if that were available to Virginia."

Immediately following the debate, Deeds attempted to amend and improve upon his remarks, albeit somewhat unsuccessfully:

Reporter: Creigh, let me make sure I understand your answer. You're opposed to the public option?

Deeds: No, I didn't say that!

Reporter: But you said you would consider taking Virginia out.

Deeds: We ... we ... we've got to look at all ...

Reporter: Why did you say that you would consider taking Virginia out?

Deeds: I said I would consider ... I would consider lots of things.

For the audio of this exchange check out my last post.

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