Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fairfax Democrats Write Transportation Plan for Deeds

Frustrated by the incompetence of Creigh Deeds' campaign for governor of Virginia, the City of Fairfax Democratic Committee has decided to substitute its own version of Deeds campaign literature rather than use that supplied by the Deeds campaign itself, if the Fairfax Committee and the liberal blog Blue Commonwealth are to be believed. In the stand-in hand cards, the verbiage is the same as what the people of Virginia hear from Creigh Deeds: he has no real plan for transportation, but will "craft" one if he is elected.

Witness this post from Friday on Blue Commonwealth:

The City of Fairfax Democratic Committee has produced its own hand card of talking points for Creigh Deeds. The joint effort is being printed and distributed for use in door knocking and conversations (like in the grocery store, for example). The Committee, dissatisfied with the hand cards and flyers offered by the campaign, put their heads together and the following is the result.
Deeds: No Roads Plan - Fairfax Dems Forced to Wing It

The new-and-improved hand card includes this prompt for Deeds and Democratic grassroots workers to employ to harass their neighbors while shopping:

* Transportation: [Deeds] Will assemble a bipartisan commission to craft a comprehensive transportation plan.

This vague promise of gathering people at a table to assess what is on the table, while everything is on the table is exactly the sort of gobbledygook Deeds spouts on most occasions.

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