Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Washington Post loses Big

I wonder if the Washington Post’s reputation will survive after all their statewide candidates lost. Yes Virginia, they backed the entire Democrat ticket, only to see them lose badly, and even lose in largely Democrat Northern Virginia.

No doubt the Post worked hard for Deeds, endorsing him 2 times in 5 months, first in the primary and then for the general election. Every Northern Virginia driver saw the blue Deeds signs proclaiming, “Washington Post endorsed”. In an effort to save the flailing Deeds campaign the Post wrote dozens of stories about Bob McDonnell’s college thesis, when virtually every other paper in Virginia refused to talk about it, rightly calling it irrelevant.

Think about it, if the Post had its way the buffoonish Deeds would be Governor! That has got to hurt the reputation of the Post.

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