Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Virginia Gentleman Interviews Steve Hunt

Steve Hunt is a candidate for the Virginia 37th state senate seat. I have known Steve for over 10 years. I consider Steve a friend and a great Virginian.

Virginia Gentleman: Why are you running for the 37th Senate Seat?
Steve Hunt: I want to continue Senator Cuccinelli's efforts to provide leadership in Richmond that recognizes government is there to protect, not infringe upon the rights of Virginians. I believe that Americans thrive and our economy grows when government gets out of the way and unleashes the ingenuity of the American people. I will work to promote economic policies that acknowledge the cyclical nature of our economy and the increasing taxes is not the answer, particularly during tough economic times. We cannot continue to spend recklessly in good economic times without running huge deficits in down times. Raising taxes simply isn't the answer. It has been tried time and again and failed time and again. Above all, I will represent the people of Virginia to their government, not the government of Virginia to the people. I will continue to fulfill the oath to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic that I first took as I became an 18 years old NROTC midshipman at Duke University and repeated as I became a Fairfax County School Board member.

Virginia Gentleman: Do you feel you are the strongest GOP candidate, and if so why?
Steve Hunt: I have a demonstrated track record as a conservative Republican that approaches issues with a logical, solutions-oriented approach that engages all sides in discussions without compromising my conservative principles. I have a strong reputation for responding to the community and intervening on their behalf. As a retired Naval Flight Officer, I have extensive experience in decision making and getting the job done with the resources available. I have also demonstrated the ability to win in the 37th District, having been a winner three times in the district as a part of three county-wide campaigns. 37th District residents know my record and
know where I stand on important issues like improving our schools, fixing our roads, and making sure government is working for us, not against us.

Virginia Gentleman: What are the most important issues facing Virginia?
Steve Hunt: First and foremost, I will support many of Governor McDonnell's policies to improve our roads, schools, and the effectiveness and efficiency of Virginia's government; I will also stand by Governor McDonnell in opposition to the type of Federal health care takeover being debated in Washington, proposed Federal cap and trade legislation that will cause energy prices to skyrocket and destroy the jobs of thousands of hard working Virginians, and I will work to protect the right of every Virginian to work without being forced to join a union.
Economy / Budget: The Virginia budget is unsustainable as proven by the extent of cuts being required during an economic downturn to keep our state budget balanced as required by Virginia's constitution. While it is the favorite solution of many politicians, the answer to Virginia's budget woes is not taxing away more money from hardworking Virginians already struggling to make ends meet in a tough economy. Setting priorities and unleashing the
American economy is the answer. Virginia's budget must be prioritized so government has the resources to provide those things that cannot be provided by the private sector alone - security and emergency services, justice, infrastructure and public education. The only sure way to increase revenue is to ensure that the entrepreneurial spirit and the genius of Americans are
unimpeded. The free market is the key to creating jobs, providing all Americans with health care options, and providing government sufficient revenue to meet its core responsibilities.
Transportation: Trust must be returned to the Transportation Trust Fund. The revenues designated for funding transportation infrastructure and upkeep must be spent accordingly. The Transportation Trust Fund should also receive revenue from the royalties provided by environmentally safe exploration of oil and natural gas. We need solutions that take advantage
of ever-improving technologies and public-private partnerships to improve our transportation network. Mass transit is valuable, but is not the solution to all traffic problems.

Virginia Gentleman: How can someone get involved in your campaign?
Steve Hunt: Visit www.stevehunt.org and sign up.

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