Sunday, April 18, 2010

GOP State Party Chairman Pat Mullins Comments on Governor McDonnell's Economic Proposals

"I want to congratulate Governor McDonnell on today's announcement of 160 new jobs for Danville," Mullins said. "Jobs were the governor's number one priority during the campaign, and both he and his economic development team lead by Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling have hit the ground running."

"Whether it's EcomNets in Danville, Polymer Group in Waynesboro, the virtual call center in Southwest Virginia, or other opportunities yet to be identified, business investments are built on the bedrock of a government that will encourage investment, not punish success," he said. "The Governor's proposal to reinstate a key business tax credit is further evidence that our Republican team will do all it can to keep Richmond out of the way so business can prosper."

"Today's news that the state's revenues increased year-over-year is another outgrowth of the Governor's low-tax, smaller-footprint approach to governing," Mullins added. "Businesses can expand, knowing that their state tax burden won't skyrocket, and families can spend, knowing that Richmond won't be hitting them with a higher car tax or income tax."

"Virginia's voters truly laid the groundwork for a turnaround when they went to the polls in November," he said.

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