Thursday, April 22, 2010

Herrity-Fimian Race Gets Personal

The following is a post by my friend Heather West. Heather is a conservative activist here in Fairfax County. I have been fortunate to have known her since the late 90's. The following is her opinion, not necessarily that of the Virginia Gentleman, of what she saw on the campaign trail.

"It was a dark and dreary night and the red light was flashing…on my Blackberry, that is.

It was my boss, Mychele Brickner, and she was writing to inform us (the precinct captains) that she just got fired. She writes:

Dear Precinct Captains,

I am writing to tell you that I have not been reappointed as Springfield District Chairman. I was informed via email from Anthony Bedell, FCRC Chairman, explaining that the change was to “keep it fresh” and “bring in new energy”. I do not know who has been appointed at this time but I am sure you will be informed soon. I was offered the role of Secretary for the Party, but I have declined. To be honest, I think that after working hard at this “job” for many years, I at least deserved a conversation regarding the change!

She went on to graciously thank and encourage us all in our work.

Now, just a few days prior, my trusty Blackberry reported that Mychele had publicly endorsed Keith Fimian for Congress. “Woo-hoo!” I exclaimed (ask my hubby, I actually did shout). What courage--going against the stuffy old Republican establishment, and verbalizing her support for Keith Fimian! Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC) Chair Anthony Bedell had already endorsed Pat Herrity and I guess it was expected that all the good little ducklings follow along and either get with Herrity or remain silent. Mychele didn’t get the memo, apparently.

Well, I suppose that’s what you get when you don’t follow the lead of the chairman. You get fired from a VOLUNTEER position. And now one of the most effective, diligent, honest, and hard-working women in Republican politics in Virginia is edged out of her job.

Now, let me connect the dots.

1. In 2008, a strong Democratic year, Tom Davis declines to run again seeing the “handwriting on the wall.” Keith Fimian steps up, runs a strong campaign, and gets a respectable result against the “Acorn goons.”
2. In 2010, with the national winds blowing Republican, Pat Herrity “surprisingly” switches from Fairfax County to national politics, and decides to run for Congress.
3. Anthony Bedell endorses Pat Herrity just minutes after Herrity pops into the race. Herrity gets the approval and back slap of almost every establishment Republican good old boy in the area.
4. Mychele is one of the only Republicans to take a stand and endorse Keith Fimian. Her endorsement letter refers to “political hardball” and “quieting opposition” in relation to Pat Herrity (hmmm…).
5. Within a week, she is dismissed from her job.

Well, I guess if VA-11 is looking for more of the same old politics as usual, VA-11 ought to elect Pat Herrity.

I am a stay-at-home mom. I know poop when I smell it. I deal in poop. And these shenanigans by FCRC and Pat Herrity are stinky! I am a proud precinct captain who was recruited by Mychele Brickner. I am loyal to my conservative principles and to the conservative people who have invited me to participate in politics.

I will be voting for Keith Fimian on June 8 and I hope you will, too."


Anonymous said...

How does the Chairman of the Fairfax County GOP endorse someone in a primary race? Bedell should be tossed to the curb for endorsing a candidate as well as firing Brickner. The Davis machine obviously switched to Herrity but these types of shenanigans will destroy them. I for one am voting for the real conservative in the race, Mr. Fimian, not the squishy Herrity.

Anonymous said...

Mychele Brickner deserves great respect for what she did - she endorsed Keith Fimian (the only real choice for Republicans in the 11th district) knowing that the party leadership was capable of retribution. And they did not disappoint. But we all know what happened.
This whole mess only confirms my belief that Fimian is the best candidate for the 11th district. He is the candidate with integrity, and with ideas. Keith came close to beating Connolly in the year of the "Obama" swing to the left, and this year, with the overwhelming desire of the American people to elect a more conservative Congress, Fimian is the one to win. Let's put away the bumbling, unnecessary divisiveness that this primary has created, and unite behind Fimian.

Brian W. Schoeneman said...

Anonymous, Bedell endorsed Ken Cuccinelli in the primary for the AG's race. Should he have been tossed out for that?

Fimian and Herrity are identical on the issues. There's not a hairsbreadth between them when it comes to policy.

Anon #2 - I don't see how you can call losing by 41,000 votes, 55% to 43% "close." Normally, that's what we call a "landslide."

I hope that we all will unite behind whoever the nominee is after June 8th and that both of you, if Herrity wins, will be as vocal for him as you are for Keith Fimian.