Thursday, May 6, 2010

Herrity's Position on Taxes Remains Unclear

The Fimian campaign continues to attack Herrity on the issue on taxes.

"At Wednesday morning’s debate with the Northern Virginia Republican Business Forum, Pat Herrity reiterated his earlier claim that, “I have never and will never vote to raise taxes.”

“But just a few days ago Pat Herrity admitted that he had raised taxes, including a vote for the $330 million Dulles Rail district,” Tim Edson, Fimian’s campaign manager said. “The Fairfax Times reported on April 20 that ‘Herrity said he supported the tax district’ and minutes from the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors confirm Herrity did support and vote for the tax district.”

Herrity also maintained that he has never raised property taxes, but according to the Washington Post, more than 150,000 homeowners in Fairfax County are paying more in property taxes. And many of those are paying more even though their homes fell in value and are now worth less.

“With his claims continually contradicting his record, Pat Herrity can’t even keep straight the taxes he has voted for,” Edson added. “He seems to have gotten confused during the debate.”

“As if his tax increases on families and small businesses during tough economic times weren’t bad enough, Herrity is now on the record in opposition to tax cuts,” Edson said. “Herrity actually said cutting the capital gains tax was not practical to create jobs and get the economy moving. Herrity dismissed them saying it ‘sounds like a great thing’ but that he didn’t think it would create growth.”

“Herrity needs to clarify his position on capital gains tax cuts and admit that he did, in fact, raise property taxes,” Edson said. “His current attempts to muddle the issues and confuse voters are not having the impact he desires. The only person Herrity has succeeded in confusing is himself.”

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Anonymous said...

Herrity, the great flip flopper. Maybe the other side can start showing up at his events with large flip flops costumes?