Thursday, June 3, 2010

Metro to Bring in Outside Consultant to Investigate Escalator Problems

This is hilarious! I have been riding the Metro for 20 years, and I can not think of a single instance when all escalators were working at one time. Now according to a Post article the Metro is going to bring in a consultant to look into problems with escalators. I guess they now realize there is a problem, and that good. As the say the first step to solving a problem is the realization that there is a problem. But I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of dollars will be spent on this new consultant?

I also wonder, how much money has already been spent; to build the escalators, maintain, and fix over the life of the system? Whenever I take the Metro I always notice that there is at least one escalator down at every stop, and I usually see someone who appears to be working on it. But the thing is it never gets fixed!
The Washington Metro system is an incredible boondoggle. People have gotten rich off this system, while the service, and safety has been steadily going down hill.
Virginia taxpayers need to demand answers. We should not keep pumping more money into the system until the waste and mismanagement is brought to an end.

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