Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NRCC Labels Fimian a 'Young Gun'

Today the National Republican Congressional Committee announced that Keith Fimian, candidate for Congress (VA-11), has been elevated to “Young Gun” status in its Young Guns program to elect open seat and challenger candidates.

“I will continue to aggressively take my message to voters and build an effective, winning campaign infrastructure to deliver the message Americans are sending to Gerry Connolly: they want leaders in Congress who can control wasteful spending and create an environment favorable to economic growth and job creation—something big spending career politicians like Gerry Connolly simply have no idea how to do," Fimian said. “I am grateful for the vote of confidence that Congressman Sessions, Congressman Cantor and House Republicans have given me by elevating my campaign to Young Gun status.”

Candidates are evaluated in the NRCC’s Young Guns program on the basis of rigorous organizational and fundraising goals. Fimian has already raised more than $900,000 for the cycle and a March poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates showed Fimian leading Connolly 40%-35% among likely voters and 43% to 28% among independents.

Keith Fimian is well positioned to defeat Gerry Connolly in November. Connolly has been anything but an independent, commonsense voice in Congress. He has repeatedly voted against the wishes of his constituents and rubber stamped Nancy Pelosi's big spending agenda 97 percent of the time, including the failed $800 billion stimulus, the mismanaged $1.4 trillion government healthcare takeover, over $600 billion in tax increases and job destroying cap-and-trade legislation.

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