Sunday, June 13, 2010

Republicans May Blow it in the 5th

Sadly, the politico reports that Jim McKelvey, the runner-up in Virginia’s 5th District GOP primary, has still not said whether he will endorse party nominee Robert Hurt, who won the primary last Tuesday.

Control of the House of Representatives may come down to Virginia's 5th congressional district. While I am philosophically close to McKelvey, and the tea party movement, I believe he needs to endorse Hurt, and support him in the general election.

His failure to endorse Hurt may help to re elect the Obama Democrat Perriello. And that is not in America's interest, or the interest of the 5th congressional district.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. McKelvey,

I can understand your disappointment, and perhaps your anger, at the outcome of the primary election.

We must take every seat in the 2010 election. Virginia's 5th could be decisive.

I urge you to enthusiastically support Mr. Hurt, even if you believe that "you are taking one for the team."

Your state, my state, and 48 others need for this seat to be in the Republican column.