Thursday, July 15, 2010

Allen Campaigns for Murray in Arlington

The Murray for Congress campaign got some help tonight. Former Virginia Governor and Senator George Allen headlined a fundraiser for Murray in Arlington. Despite being out of office for 4 years, Allen is still a rock star among Virginia conservatives. In his remarks, Allen told the crowd of over 100 people that despite its Democrat leanings, victory in the 8th Congressional district was indeed possible. For proof that it is, Allen said, “Some say if we can win in Massachusetts with Scott Brown we can win in the 8th district. Heck, you don’t have to go all the way to Massachusetts, just look at Alexandria where we elected Frank Fannon to the Alexandria city council.”
Allen also seemed to suggest that Republicans might be more motivated than Democrats. He asked, “Is anybody cheering at what is coming out of Washington?” He said it seems every decision coming out of Washington is against us. Allen implored the crowd to send, "a great Patriot, and common sense conservative to Washington. We need Patrick Murray in Congress.”
In his speech Murray said all the enthusiasm is on the side of Republicans. He pointed out that this year’s GOP’s primary turnout was up 300 percent from 2008.
I believe that with a motivated base, the Republicans have a shot. Even in the 8th.

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