Monday, July 19, 2010

Connolly Now Says Reducing Deficit is More Important than Job Creation

After voting yes to every cent of the Obama's spending binge, which increased the deficit by more than 400 percent, Democrat Congressman Gerry Connolly now says he is worried about the deficit.

His Republican opponent Keith Fimian responded by saying, “Gerry Connolly once again demonstrates he is the reason we find ourselves in the mess we are in and why he is exactly the wrong person to get us out. He can't fix our economy and get skyrocketing deficits under control. Gerry Connolly gets an ‘F’ on job creation and deficit reduction. His economic policies have failed, but his prescription to fix the economy remains the same: borrow, tax and spend.”

“At a time when northern Virginians are worried about their jobs, their mortgages and their retirements, the last thing they need is a representative in Washington who places the economy on the back burner because he doesn’t understand that the out-of-control spending he supports is jeopardizing northern Virginia jobs,” Fimian said.

“We must grow the economy and reduce the deficit! Creating private sector economic growth is a key part of reducing the deficit. Only in the world of an out-of-touch, tax and spend career politician like Gerry Connolly are the two mutually exclusive,” Fimian said. “Meaningful economic recovery will come from the private sector creating jobs, not from hundreds of billions of additional spending financed by debt to China and billions in job destroying tax increases.

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