Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rigell Says He Will Sign Tea Party Pledge

One the most competitive congressional races in the country is the Virginia 2nd, which includes Virginia Beach, the Eastern Shore and parts of Norfolk and Hampton. Incumbent Democrat Glynn Nye who won the seat two years ago by the slimmest of margins, now finds himself in a tough battle against Republican Scott Rigell. There is a wild-card in this race, and it may be Nye's best hope, or should I say Ace. The wild-card is the conservative leaning independent in the race Kenny Golden, who while he won't win he could perhaps take enough votes away from Republican Rigell to assure Nye a victory. In an effort to hold his conservative base Scott Rigell has made the following pledge:
"In addition to my sacred oath as a representative to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, if elected to Congress I pledge:

- To promote discipline and accountability by supporting a full audit of the Federal Reserve System that would be made available to the Congress and the American People. I will support this through any House rule or procedure, any Committee vote, and any House floor roll call vote.

- To fix Washington’s spending problem and set America on the right fiscal track by supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment or similar Constitutional amendment (e.g. Taxpayers Bill of Rights which is indexed to population growth) that serves as an objective standard to control government spending.

- To promote the economic wellbeing of American families and businesses by voting against any tax or fee increase. I will not support any increase in Congressional salaries, perks, retirement, or health benefits until the budget is balanced.

- To safeguard America’s fundamental principles and liberties through vigilance in protecting the rights of free speech. I will vote against any legislation that abridges free speech under the guise of “internet neutrality” or “campaign finance reform”, supports “kill switch”, creates internet taxes, or imposes a “fairness” doctrine.

- To uphold the constitution and protect America’s economic freedom by supporting legislation (such as the Discharge Petition now in Congress) to repeal and defund the Affordable Health and Patient Recovery Act (Obamacare) and actively promoting free market solutions to address the nation’s healthcare concerns. I will do this in any House procedure, Committee vote, or House floor roll call vote. I commit to overriding any Presidential veto of the same.

- To bring accountability and reform to Washington by supporting any type of legislation that would increase transparency and accountability in any act of Congress, such as the Enumerated Powers Act.

- To champion American exceptionalism by fighting any measure that subverts U.S. sovereignty, whether through trade, currency, environmental causes, the United Nations, immigration amnesty, or under the guise of human rights."

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