Friday, September 10, 2010

Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce Endorses ABC Privatization

Governor McDonnell got a big boost today when the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce endorsed his plan to privatize Virginia's ABC stores. In a letter Chamber President John Corcoran said:

"The Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce has a long-standing policy position of encouraging privatization of government services whenever possible, fostering increased competition for consumers and identifying cost efficiencies. In addition, transportation remains the Chamber’s top policy priority and the Commonwealth’s greatest challenge.
Over the past few years we have worked in a bipartisan manner with the General Assembly and with local government to alleviate congestion. Following a Chamber meeting with your Policy Staff and Secretary Connaughton, we were pleased to learn that your administration is committed to addressing transportation in the coming months.
Although $400 - $500 million – estimated in your proposal and possibly only a one time infusion – does not address the total monetary need to alleviate the Commonwealth’s transportation crisis, we believe it is a reasonable option for consideration in building plan to fully fund the transportation needs for Virginia.
The Chamber looks forward to seeing your proposal in its entirety and working with your administration, the business community statewide and the legislature to address the transportation crisis that continues to impinge our quality of life and economic vitality."

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