Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Falwell Says Yes to McDonnell's ABC Privitization Plan

Liberty University President and Chancellor Jerry Falwell announced his support for Governor McDonnell’s plan to privatize Virginia’s ABC stores. This is a significant endorsement. Evangelicals have been skeptical of the Governor’s plan and Falwell’s endorsement shows that there is at least some support among Christian conservatives.
Falwell told the Richmond Times Dispatch:
"I support Governor Bob McDonnell’s proposal to privatize Virginia’s ABC stores primarily because I believe that our founders intended a much more limited role for government than what we have today," Falwell said this morning in a statement.
"In my view, Virginia’s private sector, its families, churches and businesses will be better served and protected by eliminating government sanctioned monopolies."

Seems to me that if economic and social conservatives unite behind the Governor he can't lose.

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