Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Virginia Considers 4 Day Work Week For Some State Employees

In an effort to save money the McDonnell administrations is considering a proposal to allow some state employees to work a four day schedule. According to the Washington Post:
"Employees would work 10-hour days four times a week, although some agencies -- including those involved in law enforcement, public health, higher education and departments that generate revenue, such as museums -- would be exempt.

The state could save $3.19 million by moving 25 agencies to four-day workweeks and closing hundreds of state-owned buildings, according to a preliminary estimate by the Virginia Department of Planning and Budget. That includes $1.5 million on energy, $880,000 on cleanup and $810,000 on overtime."

At this stage it is only a proposal, but it is definitely worth looking into. However, wouldn't we save even more money if we looked into eliminating programs, and unnecessary positions?

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