Monday, October 18, 2010

Fimian Outraises Connolly $1 Million to $400,000 in Third Quarter

Keith Fimian made the following statement today in reaction to third quarter FEC numbers released on Friday:

“The past three months my campaign outraised Congressman Connolly’s $1,023,694 to $417,750. Even more impressive is that the overwhelming percentage of contributions to my campaign were from individuals. Among individual donors, my campaign outraised Connolly’s $928,261 to $232,008,” Fimian said.

“Congressman Connolly likes to brag about his involvement in the community. In reality, Congressman Connolly has used Northern Virginia to climb the political ladder, saddling us with higher taxes and out-of-control spending to advance his political interests. This report is a powerful indication that Northern Virginians recognize that and support for Congressman Connolly is drying up,” Fimian added.

In a cycle when incumbents are outspending challengers by 2 to 1 in many cases, Fimian has raised $2,076,127 to Congressman Connolly’s $2,095,811. For the election cycle, Fimian has outraised Connolly among individual contributors $1,939,273 to $1,081,493. Almost 50 percent of Connolly’s contributions have come from lobbyists and special interests.

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