Monday, October 4, 2010

Wilder Formally Endorses ABC Privatization

Former Virginia Governor and Mayor of the City of Richmond L. Douglas Wilder today released the following statement endorsing Governor Bob McDonnell's plan to privatize ABC.

"The final report on the Governor's Commission on Efficiency and Effectiveness, December 2002, made many recommendations. Among them was one relative to the privatizing of ABC retail operation. I was privileged to Chair that commission comprised of wide, varied and diverse citizens. The composition of the commission also was bi-partisan and represented all segments of our state's population.

I endorsed the recommendation then and I do so now.

The proposed plan offered by Governor McDonnell keeps significant ongoing revenue for the General Fund and I am confident his Commission on Government Reform will produce additional cost savings measures that will more than offset any difference. I also think that there should be no consideration of any increased taxes for the consumer. The threshold question that triggers the debate is whether the state should be in the liquor selling business anyway. I think that government has sufficient legitimate calls made upon it to provide for the safety, health and welfare of its citizens."

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