Friday, November 26, 2010

McDonnell Applauds a Decision of the Obama Administration

Who says bipartisanship is dead.  Yesterday Governor McDonnell praised the decision by Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar that the federal government would move to fast track offshore wind farms along the Atlantic Coast.  In a statement the Governor said:

"I applaud Secretary Salazar for today's announcement, it is one that I have advocated for since taking office. For years, viable offshore wind projects have taken too long to gain approval. These delays impair our nation's efforts to develop all of our energy resources as necessary to meet  the growing demand for electricity in our state and in our nation, as well as the creation of good paying jobs our citizens need. The Secretary has made clear that the Interior Department will identify, in the next 60 days, the most promising regions for offshore wind farms along the Atlantic Coast, and Virginia should be at the top of that list. Our shallow waters, consistent wind speeds, easy access to major port facilities and accessible electric grid make the Commonwealth an obvious location for future offshore wind efforts. I look forward to working with the Secretary, the federal government and local officials to bring affordable and reliable offshore wind energy to Virginia homes and businesses in the years ahead. It is all part of our ongoing effort to make Virginia, "The Energy Capital of the East Coast."

However, I don't think the Obama administration will be as accommodating on the McDonnell Administrations desire to move forward with offshore drilling.  I am in favor of using wind power, but I would like to see us drill for oil off the coast.

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