Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Radtke Announces for US Senate, Attacks Allen

 Tea Party activist Jamie Radtke announced her intentions to challenge Jim Webb for the US Senate.  She was asked about the possibility of facing George Allen, who is considering running for his old seat, of Allen she said:
"..I don’t think people are looking to send career politicians up to DC who engineered this mess.  Frankly they are the ones who created the problem, and you know, if we keep sending the same thing up to DC we will get the same results.”
Ouch!  I think her trying to claim that George Allen created a mess when he was in Washington is ridiculous.  It will be interesting to see if he gets into the race.

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Anonymous said...

Not convinced she is trying to saddle Allen with anything more than being your typical career politician. To go further one has to assume there is intent to assign specific responsibility for messes to George Allen. She does need to differentiate herself from the blue blood establishment candidates, and I doubt she is looking to engage in an adversarial back and forth with George Allen.