Friday, January 28, 2011

Virginians for Transparency Launched

My friend Colin Brehm started a new group, Virginians for Transparency.  You can find them on Facebook. 

VG: What made you decide to launch Virginians for Transparency? 
CB: With all of the buzz over a recent Senate committee meeting, Virginians ought to be able to have a C-SPAN type of website where they can watch live or previous committee meetings, floor debates and votes that is constantly updated while the General Assembly is in session. This is truly a non-partisan issue that should be addressed within a reasonable amount of time.

VG: What do you hope to accomplish?  What is your long term goal?
CB: The long term goal is for anyone who has access to the internet to watch live debates and votes in the Virginia General Assembly, in addition to having access to archived videos as well.

VG: How can people get involved?
CB: As of right now, -write a letter to your local newspaper, e-mail your state Senator or Delegate asking if they would support having all Senate and House of Delegate committee session, votes, debate and floor activities streamed live on the internet and having the video archived online. You can also join the Virginians for Transparency Facebook page too.

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