Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Steve Waters Joins the Allen Campaign

Conservative activist Steve Waters has joined the Allen campaign.  In a statement Allen said of Waters:
“Steve Waters is an outstanding addition to our energetic campaign team. To win this pivotal election in 2012 and bring the voices of Virginians to the U.S. Senate, we must unite, welcome and enlist the help of millions of Virginians who share our values, and who want to make a real change in Washington and improve the opportunity for Americans to achieve their dreams.

“Steve’s experience in organizing and educating grassroots activists will be valuable to our grassroots insurgency as we take our positive, motivating message to men and women throughout
Virginia. Susan and I are grateful that Steve is joining as a leader on our team.”

Text of Steve Waters’ email:
It is with great pride that I join George Allen’s campaign for the U.S. Senate as Advisor on Family Policy Issues.

The 2012 election is a turning point.  The outcome in
Virginia could decide whether America continues down a path of fiscal ruin, moral decline and infringement on the Constitution and our liberties.  It will determine whether our children will be burdened with a mountain of debt or enjoy a future of prosperity, and whether we as a nation uphold our enduring values of life, family, freedom and faith.

Moreover, this election will not be easy. Tim Kaine, former Governor and Democratic National Committee Chair, is the presumed nominee of the Democrat Party.  He is an extension of the policies of President Obama, which do not represent our Nation or Virginia favorably.

At this critical juncture, we, as Republicans need to unite behind the strongest candidate we can field for the U.S. Senate.  We need a proven social, fiscal and Constitutional conservative with a record of leadership and electoral success.

As an elected leader, George Allen has led on issues such as parental notification of abortions for minors, banning of partial birth abortions and many other issues.  And with my appointment as Family Policy Advisor, Governor Allen is demonstrating that his commitment to our values is for the future as well. He will be a champion for
Virginia families in the Senate, fighting for policies that empower parents, protect our children and promote life.

I look forward to working with Governor Allen and his team to get out the word about his unquestioned commitment to
Virginia values, as well as to engage Virginians throughout the Commonwealth to the strengths and principles of the Republican Party, which helped forge a great Nation.  I am excited about being a part of a massive grassroots campaign for our children’s future.  We can stand in Victory together or lose divided.  With so much at stake, there is not a moment to lose, and I encourage my fellow pro-family conservatives to join me in closing ranks behind George Allen today.”

1 comment:

J. Tyler Ballance said...

Steve would be a great asset to any campaign.

Does this signal that Bob Marshall will not mount a challenge?

I will not support George Allen, ever again.

during the Bush years, when we really needed an advocate for our LIBERTY, George simply was a lapdog for the Neocons.

I will never forget that he gladly supported domestic spying on our citizens, and the rendering of our people to foreign countries, where they were tortured to death.

When Virginians awaken to the fact that the Bush regime turned all of the power of our government against our own citizens, with the enthusiastic support of George Allen, they would be foolish to return him to the Senate.

If Mr. Allen thinks he has a rational explanation for his support of torture and murder, then he should publicly address this issue.

Surely, it is time for someone else to lead from the Republican side. Aren't ya'll tired of re-runs?