Monday, June 27, 2011

Liberal Groups Seek Another Maccaca Moment

National publications are reporting, "three separate groups have all put trackers on George Allen." The election is 16 months away - that's more that 500 days.
In this day and age, video-taping candidates with "trackers" has become the norm. They are expected.
Why the scrutiny of Allen?   Well according to Allen’s campaign manager Mike Thomas:

these new trackers have troubling ties to national liberal special interest groups that will pour tens of millions of dollars into Virginia to fuel an onslaught of distortions and false attacks on George Allen.

In fact, one of the groups American Bridge, a liberal group tied to Media Matters and led by David Brock, labeled George Allen a "top priority." It has also been reported that Chairman Kaine's Research Director at the Democratic National Committee is leading this group's research efforts.
Thomas in a recent fundraising letter went on to say: 
“Friends, we cannot afford to let these outside liberal groups come in and shape this Senate race to their advantage.

We need your help today to fight back against Chairman Kaine's Washington allies. Please visit our website at and join our cause by making a donation to our campaign. Click here to donate.

Now is the time to take a stand and say, "Not here!"

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