Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kaine Uses Hurricane Irene in Fundraising Appeal

Tim Kaine’s latest fundraising appeal is sure to raise some eyebrows.  In an email entitled ‘What’s at Stake’, Kaine claims that Eric Cantor wants to hold up aid to hurricane Irene victims.  The email includes a sinister looking picture of Eric Cantor and an image of a tree on top of a house.  The email also includes a ‘contribute now button’. 
The appeal says:
“Two natural disasters – a hurricane and an earthquake – hit Virginia in the past week. Millions lost their power, and countless individuals lost their homes as the floodwaters wreaked havoc on so many of Virginia’s towns and cities.
But instead of coming together to provide relief for those who need it, Congressional leaders are holding emergency victims hostage in order to pursue a narrow ideological agenda.”

Kaine is obviously distorting Cantor’s comments.  Cantor wants to get federal aid to the victims of hurricane Irene.  He simply wants it paid for through spending cuts.  In other words find the money, not just add it to the nations credit card. 

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